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Building a better (egg-free) (vegan) leche flan

Last week, I journeyed from my southern end of Metro Manila to the far north to share my vegan leche flan recipe on the Mars show on GMA News TV. While my spoken Tagalog was slightly atrocious, I believe the flans saved the day.


I initially created a vegan leche flan for my column at Yummy Magazine last December. If you missed the recipe, it’s posted online here.

yummy december2

What makes this flan different from the other flans?

  1. It uses a blend of coconut milk and soy milk instead of dairy
  2. It uses a blend of gulaman and starch (corn, potato, or tapioca) instead of egg
  3. It uses either coconut sugar or raw sugar instead of white sugar
  4. It’s a no bake flan – no oven required! Just a stove.

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Some more Yummy goodness this July

Check out the July issue of Yummy magazine for my tips on vegetarian protein (article by Ryan Fernandez) and my column for a recipe on a creamy vegetable pot pie – easy-peasy to make and absolutely perfect for the cool rainy season.

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Rainbow black bean and quinoa salad, a recipe (from Yummy Eats)

Get schooled this June in burgers, Greek food, pub food, raw food, green juice, pies. Full menu here.

Well hello there. I know I should’ve posted this recipe last week but I spent last week doing major R&R after a packed summer. How have you been?

Knife skills faster than a speeding bullet?

So in case I haven’t talked about it enough, I conducted a vegan cooking demo at Yummy Magazine‘s fabulous food fair last May the 26th in Rockwell Tent called Yummy Eats. It was pretty packed. My face appeared on the big screen which I did not expect. My team and I prepared enough samples for a small army. I was slightly nervous but I was comforted by the fact that I get to share my vegetable nerdery with people who don’t necessarily make vegetables a priority in their diet.

Lots of good food went around – mostly omnivorous. There were 2 vegetarian tables, though.

Wabi’s table. Their banh-mi is reaaaally good. They have egg-free mayo on hand, too.

Wabi Sabi Noodle House and Vegetarian Grocery had a pretty artistic table (they won the award for best design) and gave out samples of vegan chicharon. Their kuapao sandwich rocked, too. Pipino Vegetarian had a booth as well and gave out free samples of vegan mac and cheese and Cuban grilled corn.

The vegetarian love is slowly growing!

I made 3 dishes for the demo and I promised folks I would post the recipes on my blog. I’ve decided to post them in 3 parts. Part 1, here we go.

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What a summer.

Wow. When I made my schedule for April and May, I did not expect things to get crazy. In a good way.

A lot has happened for Kitchen Revolution…

I started summer cooking classes for kids.

And in the process, two of my former colleagues and I had a mini reunion when they sent their daughters to class!

I taught a couple of cooking workshops for public school kids in partnership with Hands on Manila and Starbucks Philippines. It’s all about starting ’em early, folks.

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Vegan cooking demo at Yummy Eats on the 26th, aka the sky is falling

I really should get back to recipe testing (last na ‘to, promise!) but I just wanted to let you all know that the world must be coming to an end because — well, the reasons are 4-fold:

  1. Vegan cooking appeared on mainstream television last year (link here)
  2. Vegan cooking appears regularly in one of the top food magazines in the country starting this year (link here)
  3. Cosmo magazine celebrates a vegan chef as one of the fun, fearless, females of 2012 (link here)
  4. last but not the least…

There will be a vegan cooking demo at Yummy Eats, one of the biggest food(ie) fairs in the country.

Seriously, I never thought I’d see the day… But it’s happening.

On Saturday the 26th, stop by Yummy Eats at the Rockwell tent and watch me demonstrate a few of my favorite plant-strong recipes. I’m on at around 5:00pm so make sure you pass by then!

Philippines, I’m going to turn you plant-strong, just you wait. But in the meantime, it’s back to the kitchen.

For Yummy Eats updates, check out YUMMY’s Facebook page and Twitter .

Edited to add: (05/16/12)

Check out the line-up of chefs and cooking demos here. I’m the only vegetarian chef on the program, by the way (and by the looks of it, probably the only female?). While I’d love meat eaters to try the food I’ll be cooking, herbivores I’m counting on you to come veg-represent. There will be limited samples so sit close to the stage.

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This month’s Yummy magazine column

Grab the April issue of Yummy Magazine and learn how to make grilled vegan skewers! With homemade peanut barbecue sauce, naturally. Perfect for the summer. Get on it!

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It’s gonna be a yummy new year

2012 is turning out to be quite an adventure, as was 2011. I’ll be heading to Cebu next week for a cooking and juice workshop (more about it in a later post) AND starting this month, I am proud to say that I’m a regular columnist at Yummy Magazine.

WHAT? Hold your horses.

Yes, this  fabulous mainstream food magazine will have a veg-centric column in its pages!

Philippines, are you ready for a love affair with vegetables? I know I am. These recipes are omnivore-approved (as tested by Yummy’s managing editor!) and perfect for the veg-heads and veg-curious alike. If you know friends and family who are looking to add more meat-free dishes into their diet, please ask them to check out this issue. It’s chock-full of vegetarian recipes, and not just by me!

Check out my column, “Healthy Approach” in every Yummy Magazine issue starting this month (January / February issue).

I’ve also contributed vegan brunch recipes for its “Weekend Entertaining” section, by the way. Check it out! Vegan quiche, wholegrain oat pancakes, and more.

Last November I asked friends via Facebook to help me come up with a column name. Thirty comments later I got a list of pretty hilarious ones. Green Gobblin’, anyone? Would I be taken seriously if my column was called Vegan Mary? Luckily Becky, Yummy’s editor-in-chief, picked a nice and safe name: Healthy Approach.

Check out the other name suggestions that just didn’t make the cut after the jump.  Happy Friday, folks!

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