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Summer cooking classes for kids

Summer is upon us and you know what that means… cooking classes for kids! This is the 3rd summer for our kids’ hands-on cooking classes. If you want your kids to learn how to chop, prepare and cook vegetables, and eat nutrient-dense meals, then these are the classes for them.There are 7 weeks of classes – Tuesdays cover cooking (savoury food) and Thursdays cover baking (desserts). Sign up for 1 or sign up for all.

Classes will be held in a private residence in Alabang. To inquire, text 0917-894-5086 or email info@kitchenrevolution.ph.

Check out last year’s cooking classes classes here (this website), here (Facebook), and here (Facebook again).
Download the brochure here.
(click on the images for a larger view)
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Summer cooking classes for kids

Enroll your kids in healthful, plant-based cooking classes this summer and they will learn how to voraciously cook and eat their vegetables!

(click on the images for a larger view)

Download the brochure here.

Check out last year’s cooking classes classes here (this website) and here (Facebook).

*Please note that I am on a break til April 10th; for inquiries do send me an email or PM through Facebook. Or, send me a message via Whatsapp / Viber. Thanks! My cellular roaming isn’t working but I’m having it fixed.

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What a summer.

Wow. When I made my schedule for April and May, I did not expect things to get crazy. In a good way.

A lot has happened for Kitchen Revolution…

I started summer cooking classes for kids.

And in the process, two of my former colleagues and I had a mini reunion when they sent their daughters to class!

I taught a couple of cooking workshops for public school kids in partnership with Hands on Manila and Starbucks Philippines. It’s all about starting ’em early, folks.

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In the kitchen: summer cooking classes for kids – first 2 weeks

Today marks the fourth cooking / baking class I’m holding this summer for kids. I’m having a blast sharing my passion for healthy, plant-based cooking to kids who aren’t vegetarian and aren’t necessarily big fans of vegetables. My goal is to get them to learn knife skills, cook with herbs and spices, and play around with unconventional ingredients such as beans, cashews, tofu, and homemade vegetarian sausages. It warms my heart to see them enjoy veggie meatballs, whole wheat pizzas, and lentils!

Four things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Kids will eat healthfully if you let them prep and cook food right from the start.
  2. You can’t impose your love for vegetables on them but you can tell them to try something unusual at least once before they decide they don’t like it.
  3. Kids will respect you if you treat and talk to them like adults (it also helps if you have a fat cat chilling in the garden begging for tummy rubs). One of my fears while preparing for these classes was that I might lose my cool. Back in my elementary school days, there definitely were occasions when my whole class would push our teachers’ buttons. We took pride in it, too. No button pushing in Cucina Revolucion, though. So far, so good!
  4. You won’t feel old until you spend time with people half or a third of your age.

True story:

6-year old kid from pasta class: “How old are you?”

Me: “How old do I look like?”

Kid: “38?”

Me: “WHAT!!”


I’d like to share some class photos with you. These classes make Kitchen Revolution truly feel like a revolution. Next week I have 11 kids for Mexican class and I cannot wait!

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Sharing the veggie love with kids this summer: classes in Alabang, workshops with public school students

Hello, all! I’ve totally been neglecting my blogging duties — did not expect the past month to be as busy as it was. I was away on vacation too, but I’m back and ready for some plant-strong action.

First up: 

If you’re Manila-side and got kids / know kids who’d be up for cooking lessons, then send ’em over to us! This summer I will be conducting healthy, plant-based cooking and baking classes for junior chefs ages 6 to 12 in Alabang (see blog post here, brochure here). These classes are perfect for kids who would like to learn mad skills in the kitchen and eat yummy food. While classes emphasize on wholesome ingredients, they will always be 100% full of flavor. Moms and dads, if you’d like your kiddos to appreciate vegetables and cook for you, these classes are for them. Dishes prepared in class will be meat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, cholesterol-free, and omnivore-approved.

If you’re a child-at-heart then I’ve got cooking classes for grown-ups up my sleeve as well — in Alabang and Makati. Keep an eye out for the schedule!


Poster by Starbucks CSR goddess / coffee superwoman with a heart of gold Zee Zamora Perez

Starting on the 31st, I will be conducting 3 veggie cooking workshops with 30 public school kids in Pembo Elementary Public School in Makati with the goal of teaching them how to appreciate, cook, and eat affordable plant-based meals. This is in partnership with Hands on Manila‘s “Galing Mo Kid!” program and Starbucks Philippines. Saturday’s workshop will be held with Plainview Elementary Public School students.

Hands On Manila (HOM) is a non-profit organization committed to empower individuals to act as citizens and realize their ability to contribute to the community in meaningful ways. Based on the premise that everyone can serve, HOM’s mission is to mobilize people to address the critical social, educational and environmental needs of the Metro Manila area and in some provinces through volunteer action. HOM believes that volunteer action is a powerful force for creating change.

Hands On Schools- Galing Mo Kid! (HOS-GMK) is a program of Hands On Manila that mentors high-achieving public school students. The project aims to:
  1. Enhance the learning potential of the high-achiever students in four subject areas: Science, Math, English, and Civics
  2. Enhance their leadership skills, creativity, and cognitive skills
  3. Develop values such as love for the country, honesty, and integrity

30 high-achiver students are selected every year from three pilot schools: Nueve de Febrero Elementary School, Plainview Elementary School in Mandaluyong, and PEMBO Elementary School in Makati.

(the photos in the above poster was taken last August when I conducted a cooking demo with the kids of Mano Amiga Pilipinas, a school that provides international-quality education to underprivileged kids.)

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Summer cooking classes for kids

Enroll your kids in healthful, plant-based cooking classes this summer and they will learn how to voraciously cook and eat their vegetables!

(click on the images for a larger view)

Download the brochure here.


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