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As seen on TV: Rainbow vegetable spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce


Last week, I had the privilege to share a healthy yet festive dish on the Good Morning Girls show on TV5. I whipped up this recipe and it is fab! It’s super easy, quick to assemble, and healthy without tasting like it is. You can add any vegetables you have on hand – the key is to use different colored ones for maximum antioxidant, nutrient, and presentation impact.

These rolls get robust flavors from fresh herbs and the sauce itself. Try making these for a healthy weekday lunch or for your next holiday potluck. Feel free to play around with the filling – why not try grated fresh beets? You can grate the carrot, too. Add strips of pan-seared tofu or chopped toasted peanuts for protein, or sautéed mushrooms for more savory goodness.

You can find Vietnamese rice paper in most grocery stores. My neighborhood supermarket carries them in the taco shell section. I like these better than regular lumpia wrappers because they’re gluten free, keep for months in the pantry, and don’t tear easily. I love adding mango to these rolls – it marries well with fresh vegetables and the sauce.


And, the rice paper really shows off the pretty colorful vegetables inside

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This month’s Yummy magazine column

Grab the April issue of Yummy Magazine and learn how to make grilled vegan skewers! With homemade peanut barbecue sauce, naturally. Perfect for the summer. Get on it!

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Man up and eat your vegetables (or so my article in Esquire magazine commands)

Gentlemen: grab the January / February issue of Esquire magazine and check out my article on why you need to man up and eat your vegetables.

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Cameo in Women’s Health magazine, January / February issue

Check out Twinkle Ferraren’s “Healthy Eating 101” article in this month’s Women’s Health and learn a thing or 7 on living “you are what you eat”. A fashion designer by profession, she owns a veg-friendly cafe in San Antonio Village, Makati, called Quantum Cafe with her family.

Twinkle gave me a call a few months ago and asked for advice on healthful eating. Pick up the latest Women’s Health issue and read what I recommended!

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Pigs do fly! Catch vegan cooking on local TV

I’m so excited to share with you guys that I’ll be guesting at ANC’s Green Living two Tuesdays from now!

This show is all about living a sustainable urban lifestyle with class. Yup, it’s possible, you don’t have to live in a bahay kubo to care about the earth and you don’t have to wear a bahag either – although both are completely acceptable ways of living, don’t get me wrong. The show explores the different ways we can tread more gently on this planet. And as we all know, vegetarianism = environmentalism in its simplest of forms.

The Green Living crew (together with host Paolo Abrera) came over to my kitchen yesterday and we shot a mini-cooking show. It will probably air on the 16th of August. I’ll be off for vacation at that time so you guys will have to check it out and let me know what you think!

I picked a dish that I thought would showcase vegetables in all their glory. I’m keeping mum on the dish but all I can say is that Paolo and the crew loved it – it was pretty for the camera AND it tasted pretty swell, too.

Green Living airs on ANC on Tuesdays at 9:30pm. Check out the show blog here for more details on the show schedule and behind-the-scenes stuff.


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