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ALABANG summer cooking classes for kids


Get kids off the computer / iPad / TV screens and into doing something productive in the kitchen, like baking pizza from scratch or frosting homemade cupcakes! Here are details on cooking classes for kids in Kitchen Revolution HQ, Ayala Alabang.

If you are based up north and want to send your kids to classes closer to you, check out our Makati class schedule here


We have 3 cooking classes and 3 baking classes lined up in May. View the images below for details or download the brochure here.

To inquire, text 0917-894-5086 or email info@kitchenrevolution.ph. Reservations are a must! Classes are held in a private residence – we will disclose the address upon request.

Curious about our past classes for kids? Check out photos here (this website), here (Facebook), here (Facebook), and here (Facebook again).


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In the kitchen: summer cooking classes for kids – first 2 weeks

Today marks the fourth cooking / baking class I’m holding this summer for kids. I’m having a blast sharing my passion for healthy, plant-based cooking to kids who aren’t vegetarian and aren’t necessarily big fans of vegetables. My goal is to get them to learn knife skills, cook with herbs and spices, and play around with unconventional ingredients such as beans, cashews, tofu, and homemade vegetarian sausages. It warms my heart to see them enjoy veggie meatballs, whole wheat pizzas, and lentils!

Four things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Kids will eat healthfully if you let them prep and cook food right from the start.
  2. You can’t impose your love for vegetables on them but you can tell them to try something unusual at least once before they decide they don’t like it.
  3. Kids will respect you if you treat and talk to them like adults (it also helps if you have a fat cat chilling in the garden begging for tummy rubs). One of my fears while preparing for these classes was that I might lose my cool. Back in my elementary school days, there definitely were occasions when my whole class would push our teachers’ buttons. We took pride in it, too. No button pushing in Cucina Revolucion, though. So far, so good!
  4. You won’t feel old until you spend time with people half or a third of your age.

True story:

6-year old kid from pasta class: “How old are you?”

Me: “How old do I look like?”

Kid: “38?”

Me: “WHAT!!”


I’d like to share some class photos with you. These classes make Kitchen Revolution truly feel like a revolution. Next week I have 11 kids for Mexican class and I cannot wait!

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January cooking classes

Now that we’ve all gotten nice and round after too much holiday merry-making, how about starting the year right with more mindful, healthful eating via veg cooking classes? It won’t be painful, I promise!

Learn how to make quick and easy dishes on the 11th (Wed). Add more creative salads to your food repertoire on the 14th (Sat). Get Italian-ated with DIY gnocchi on the 25th (Wed). And after a month of being good, treat yourself to decadent cupcakes on the 28th (Sat).

Sign up!

General information on classes

Cancellation policy


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