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Cooking classes this August

August is just around the corner; check out what healthy cooking classes are in store this month!

We’ve got 2 PIZZA classes scheduled – a TRADITIONAL class on the 7th (Wednesday) and GLUTEN-FREE on the 17th (Saturday). In the traditional class, we’ll make a whole wheat crust the knead way and the no-knead way. On gluten-free pizza day we’ll make a crust that tastes just like its gluten-full counterpart and a quick lazy version, too!

Learn how to add a ton of flavor to food via everyone’s favorite fungus in MUSHROOM COOKERY on the 14th (Wednesday). *gluten-free options available

Make potluck perfect dishes that guaranteed to make meat-lovers salivate in BARBECUE POTLUCK POWER on the 21st (Wednesday). *gluten-free options available

If you crave crusty bread, want to learn how to bake it at home, but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, then BREAD BAKING FOR BUSY PEOPLE is the class for you (on the 28th, Wednesday). Discover how my no-brainer whole w heat dough can churn out 5 different kinds of bread!

And lastly, journey through Thailand with authentic Thai cookery in A TASTE OF THAILAND on the 31st (Saturday). *gluten-free options available

To register, fill up this form here.

General info on classes here.

How to pay for a class here.

Cancellation policy here.

Photos of past classes here and here.



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October schedule of classes

We’ve got an action-packed schedule of classes for this special month!

Experience plant-based Japanese and Vietnamese cuisines at their finest on the 6th, Saturday and 10th, Wednesday.

Learn creative ways to cook quinoa, a superfood grain from South America on the 18th, Thursday.

Beat inflammation (and even reverse it) through food on the 23rd, Tuesday.

Chocolate gets the royal treatment on the 24th, Wednesday.

Go gaga over shrooms (and learn why they are sooo good for us) on the 27th, Saturday.

And finally, get bodaciously barbecued on the 31st, Wednesday.

Sign up!

General information on classes here.

Cancellation policy on classes here.

Photos of past cooking classes here.

*Watch out for a special cancer-fighting cooking demonstration and benefit dinner in Edgy Veggy Cafe in Pasig on the 16th, Tuesday, in partnership with Edgy Veggy, I Can Serve Foundation, and Ministry of Mushrooms‘s Shrooms Go Pink breast cancer awareness project.

**Also watch out for a benefit brunch for PAWS‘ special needs animals in Alabang on the 20th, Saturday.



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In the kitchen: Barbecue / potluck power

Hankering for some bean and legume love? Are you struggling to eat less meat but don’t know what to replace it with? Come to Bean Cookery class this Saturday the 18th and learn creative ideas on how to incorporate this low fat, high fiber, plant-based protein (with anti-cancer properties!) into a healthful diet. A good class for omnivores, flexitarians, and vegetarians alike.

And, we give more love to fruit and vegetables in Juice Up, Smoothie Down workshop on Sunday the 19th — this time, Makati-side. Learn how to drink your vegetables and love it, too.

Held last Wednesday, the 8th of February, with great success — a perfect day for grilling, a perfect day for filling up our bellies.

Oh happy day with barbecue class

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February cooking classes

Continue making 2012 the year of tastefully taking care of health. Get schooled in more vegetable cookery this February. Also: Makati, I’m coming your way this month with a green juice and smoothie workshop. Watch out!

Learn how to make classy appetizers in Much ado about hors d’oeuvres (4th, Sat).

Get smokin’ hot and tasty with Barbecue potluck power (8th, Wed).

Master 5 sauces, apply them to a million different dishes in Awesome sauces (11th, Sat).

Make beans and legumes a major part of a healthy diet in Bean cookery (18th, Sat). This class is especially good for the bean newbies out there. High in protein, fiber, and minerals, low in fat and cholesterol-free, there’s no excuse to not include them in your whole foods (plant-based) diet. Get rid of the meat, add in the beans, prevent heart disease, diabetes, and obesity easily.

More dessert love all around in Dessert mayhem 1.0 (22nd, Wed).

Last but not the least, Japan cuisine gets a veg-treatment in A taste of Japan (25th, Sat).

By the way, Makati, I’ll be hosting a green juice and smoothie workshop in your neck of the woods in February as well. Watch out!

Sign up!

General information on cooking classes here.

Cancellation policy on cooking classes here.

Photos on past cooking classes here.

(click on the image to enlarge).


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Last Saturday: Barbecue / potluck power

Cook up a feast again this Saturday in “A Taste of Italy” class. We’ll be churning out Caesar salad, potato gnocchi-a-making, stewing beans, dressing up string beans, and baking pears. Yep, it’s going to be amazing. Join!

There was just too much good food during “Barbecue / potluck power” class last Saturday. SERIOUSLY. And everyone had a ball grilling and cooking up a spread of yumminess. How yummy? Um, everything was pretty much devoured.

Some photos of the class:

Black bean, avocado, and corn salad with tacos and tortillas. Smash hit.

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