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:( Vegan MoFo fail

Forgive me?

So much for Vegan MoFo. I’m sorry guys, I’m a bad infrequent blogger. Will definitely step up for the upcoming months.


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Those noodles from that Green Living episode, a recipe: Vegan MoFo #6

So remember a few months ago I mentioned that I was going to guest at Green Living and cook an awesome dish? And yes, I declared the episode was supposed to come out mid-August but it actually ended up coming out yesterday as the second season’s first episode.

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s airing and today’s replay, check it out on Saturday at 8:30pm and Sunday at 10:30am and 9:00pm. Channel ANC!

And if you thought the dish I cooked in that episode looked pretty good (because colorful = sexy and brown = drab), here is the recipe. Have a go at it, lay on as much vegetables as you can muster, and let me know what you think!

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How to want to eat your greens: Tips for maximum greens preparation, storage, and appreciation. Vegan MoFo #5

If you’re a flexitarian or of a more herbivorous disposition, you may find yourself purchasing and eating a lot more vegetables than the average person. And maybe you feel like your vegetables keep dying on you before you can enjoy them – particularly green leafy vegetables which are more delicate than hardy, starchier veggies like eggplant and calabasa.

Here are a few tricks I learned in cooking school and in working in vegetarian professional kitchens:

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Tarragon, why can’t I quit you? : Vegan MoFo #4

Oh, poor tarragon. For one reason or another, you always get lime-lighted out by Ms. Popularity Basil and Ms. Love-me-or-hate-me Cilantro. Even Ms. I’m-easygoing Thyme gets more love than you. Maybe your floral taste stumps cooks into not knowing what to do with you. And bakers, they don’t show you any love either. Mint, such a dessert herb limelight whore you are (harsh words, but it’s true).

But tarragon oh tarragon, I can’t quit you. I love you too much – in tea, in savory dishes, in ice cream – you need to quit being a wall flower and start showing your true colors. Because you are amazing and the world needs to discover you.

Hence, this love letter cum Vegan MoFo blog post. I want to show the readers out there that you deserve some attention and some lovin’.

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Confessions of a culinary shopaholic + why you need to get yourself a sexy sampaloc chopping board now: Vegan MoFo #3

Some girls are shoe shopaholics, some are bag shopaholics. There are some who can’t seem to be satisfied with one shade of lipstick and so are make-up shopaholics.

I’m happy to say I’m neither of those, although I’m sure my brothers would beg to differ on the shoe situation. But I have to honestly, sincerely confess that I’m a culinary shopaholic.

“What’s that?”, you may ask? Okay, I just made that phrase up like two minutes ago. According to trusty Wikipedia,


Culinary shopaholic – an individual who considers themselves as addicted to shopping for items used in the cooking and preparation of food.

And there my true colors show / I reveal the real another reason for doing what I do: I get to justify my kitchen gadget and exotic ingredient purchases, as well as other impulse buys to “these are business expenses, investments, and for research purposes!”

Some other ways I rationalize being a culinary shopaholic:

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In which Amanda Griffin tricks the omnivores, aka one of the reasons why I do what I do: Vegan MoFo #2

When I first became vegetarian 4 years ago (my veg-anniversary is coming up on the 8th!), I made it a point to be a great one and never feel deprived about anything. My first vegetarian cookbook had a hippie title like “Ecological Cooking” (I know!) and was purchased  at a secondhand bookstore. One of my first forays in vegetarian cooking included an attempt to make longganisa (Filipino-style sausage) with lentils subbing in as the ground pork. Ha! Ha! Ha! Now present-me can chuckle at past-me’s cooking misadventures. That was 4 years ago. And now, fast-forwarding to present time:  I am teaching a cooking class this Saturday on vegan sausage-making and yes, I’ve gotten quite good at it.

But apart from trying to be a pretty good vegetarian, I love to inspire people to make more conscious choices about their health and particularly about the food they eat. Hence, the going-to-cooking-school stint and this quaint little vegan empire I’m running. I want people to want to eat more vegetarian meals and I want them to love – nay, celebrate – it.

Case in point: today I had the opportunity to cater for the belated birthday lunch of Amanda Griffin and let me tell you, nothing makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside than to [a] grant a vegan birthday party request and [b] see the non-vegan guests enjoy the meal.

Amanda interviewed me in March for her Glam-o-mamas blog and she’s been quite a fan of my private cooking classes. She shared my frustration about the inaccessibility of good vegan food locally and I helped by teaching her how to get the access in her own kitchen. She was in town this week and wanted to hold a completely vegan birthday lunch. How could I refuse?

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A milkshake that’s breakfast worthy: Vegan MoFo #1

Two months ago I had the opportunity to give a healthy food workshop to the kiddies at Mano Amiga Pilipinas (secretly vegan) and they absolutely loved the milkshake I had prepared for them for their dessert. Little did they know that said milkshake was actually chock-full of of good stuff. Not only was it naturally sweetened with fruit, it had wholesome, plant-based protein to boot. You don’t need dairy milk to make a decent milkshake and we all know we don’t dairy products period 🙂

This milkshake is so wholesome, you can have it for breakfast, feed it to your kids, and not feel guilty at all. Below I give you the basic recipe (which is what the Mano Amiga kids drank up with gusto) with wildcard ingredients to boost its super powers.

A breakfast worthy milkshake

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