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Whole wheat spaghetti with artichokes and walnuts / How to survive a rainy day in Bavaria

My travels from the past 4 weeks have taken me to the opposite end of the world and challenged me to cook with a barely-there pantry of sometimes-unfamiliar ingredients. Two weeks ago I visited my good friend Daniel in Munich, Germany. The day I arrived was perfect – 26 Celsius, sun shining, sunset at 9pm, gorgeous array of fruit in Rosenheimer Platz, crusty rye bread at the neighborhood bakery, an extensive beer selection at the Reichenbackebrücke kiosk (like a fancy sari sari store), drinking beer by the Isar river…

I love my green tea but I also love a good beer

Unfortunately the warmth only lasted until noon of the next day and the weather forecast for the next few days spelled me shivering in my 3 layers of clothing while attempting to do touristy things in the Bavarian countryside. I’ve been well assured that a rainy 15 Celsius was quite uncommon for a Münchner summer day but I guess I didn’t have the best of luck in scheduling my trip.

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Those noodles from that Green Living episode, a recipe: Vegan MoFo #6

So remember a few months ago I mentioned that I was going to guest at Green Living and cook an awesome dish? And yes, I declared the episode was supposed to come out mid-August but it actually ended up coming out yesterday as the second season’s first episode.

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s airing and today’s replay, check it out on Saturday at 8:30pm and Sunday at 10:30am and 9:00pm. Channel ANC!

And if you thought the dish I cooked in that episode looked pretty good (because colorful = sexy and brown = drab), here is the recipe. Have a go at it, lay on as much vegetables as you can muster, and let me know what you think!

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Schmoozing at the Antipolo Earth Fest + cooking demo recipes

A taste of the Mediterranean cooking class is upon us this Saturday! Tentative menu is up. Cook up a storm and have a feast that is satisfying stomach-wise and health-wise. There’s a reason why Mediterranean cuisine is well-loved. RSVP with us!

Can’t make it to this Saturday’s class? We have Brunch scheduled on the 14th and Dessert on the 21st. More classes to come, stay tuned.

Last Sunday, Kitchen Revolution made the loooong trek from the southern belly of Metro Manila (Alabang) to the northeastern hills of Antipolo.  All for the love of mother nature personified in the Antipolo Earth Fest. Mission? Vegan cooking demonstration and vegan food retail.

We set up our tiny shop in the Earth Fest. We were the only vegetarian table!

I learned the art of working with small spaces after living in a shoebox dorm room in NY. Check out the bamboo frame for the signage - Earth power!

On Sunday’s menu:

Asian noodle salad with mind-blowing peanut sauce and tofu. White bean hummus focaccia with basil-walnut pesto. All good, all the time. Salad served in biodegradable food boxes, sandwich served in banana leaves.

Before we opened for lunch though, I gave a stirring vegan cooking demonstration that won the hearts of the omnivores present (I think).

Explaining the awesome benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet for the body, for the planet, and for the animals.

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Farfalle and black bean salad, a recipe

One of the dishes I absolutely love to make, whether for a family reunion, a dinner with friends, or an office party (back in the day when I worked in a corporation) is a huge batch of pasta salad. It’s easy to make, cheap, and nutritious. It’s also a great way to sneak healthy food into your loved ones’ tummies! Who would’ve thought that pasta salads can be healthy, huh.

Most pasta salads out there are made with mayonnaise. Folks, let me tell you right now, mayonnaise does not do a body any good. Especially store bought mayonnaise. “Natural flavors”? “Calcium disodium EDTA”? Homemade mayonnaise entails using uncooked egg yolks. I personally would not like to endanger anyone’s health by risking to feed them salmonella, but that’s just me.

Try making a very fresh tasting pasta and bean salad which will win anyone. No need to label it as “vegan”, or “healthy”. Just feed it to them. They will eat it.

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