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As seen on TV: Rainbow vegetable spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce


Last week, I had the privilege to share a healthy yet festive dish on the Good Morning Girls show on TV5. I whipped up this recipe and it is fab! It’s super easy, quick to assemble, and healthy without tasting like it is. You can add any vegetables you have on hand – the key is to use different colored ones for maximum antioxidant, nutrient, and presentation impact.

These rolls get robust flavors from fresh herbs and the sauce itself. Try making these for a healthy weekday lunch or for your next holiday potluck. Feel free to play around with the filling – why not try grated fresh beets? You can grate the carrot, too. Add strips of pan-seared tofu or chopped toasted peanuts for protein, or sautéed mushrooms for more savory goodness.

You can find Vietnamese rice paper in most grocery stores. My neighborhood supermarket carries them in the taco shell section. I like these better than regular lumpia wrappers because they’re gluten free, keep for months in the pantry, and don’t tear easily. I love adding mango to these rolls – it marries well with fresh vegetables and the sauce.


And, the rice paper really shows off the pretty colorful vegetables inside

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Rainbow black bean and quinoa salad, a recipe (from Yummy Eats)

Get schooled this June in burgers, Greek food, pub food, raw food, green juice, pies. Full menu here.

Well hello there. I know I should’ve posted this recipe last week but I spent last week doing major R&R after a packed summer. How have you been?

Knife skills faster than a speeding bullet?

So in case I haven’t talked about it enough, I conducted a vegan cooking demo at Yummy Magazine‘s fabulous food fair last May the 26th in Rockwell Tent called Yummy Eats. It was pretty packed. My face appeared on the big screen which I did not expect. My team and I prepared enough samples for a small army. I was slightly nervous but I was comforted by the fact that I get to share my vegetable nerdery with people who don’t necessarily make vegetables a priority in their diet.

Lots of good food went around – mostly omnivorous. There were 2 vegetarian tables, though.

Wabi’s table. Their banh-mi is reaaaally good. They have egg-free mayo on hand, too.

Wabi Sabi Noodle House and Vegetarian Grocery had a pretty artistic table (they won the award for best design) and gave out samples of vegan chicharon. Their kuapao sandwich rocked, too. Pipino Vegetarian had a booth as well and gave out free samples of vegan mac and cheese and Cuban grilled corn.

The vegetarian love is slowly growing!

I made 3 dishes for the demo and I promised folks I would post the recipes on my blog. I’ve decided to post them in 3 parts. Part 1, here we go.

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Tarragon, why can’t I quit you? : Vegan MoFo #4

Oh, poor tarragon. For one reason or another, you always get lime-lighted out by Ms. Popularity Basil and Ms. Love-me-or-hate-me Cilantro. Even Ms. I’m-easygoing Thyme gets more love than you. Maybe your floral taste stumps cooks into not knowing what to do with you. And bakers, they don’t show you any love either. Mint, such a dessert herb limelight whore you are (harsh words, but it’s true).

But tarragon oh tarragon, I can’t quit you. I love you too much – in tea, in savory dishes, in ice cream – you need to quit being a wall flower and start showing your true colors. Because you are amazing and the world needs to discover you.

Hence, this love letter cum Vegan MoFo blog post. I want to show the readers out there that you deserve some attention and some lovin’.

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Schmoozing at the Antipolo Earth Fest + cooking demo recipes

A taste of the Mediterranean cooking class is upon us this Saturday! Tentative menu is up. Cook up a storm and have a feast that is satisfying stomach-wise and health-wise. There’s a reason why Mediterranean cuisine is well-loved. RSVP with us!

Can’t make it to this Saturday’s class? We have Brunch scheduled on the 14th and Dessert on the 21st. More classes to come, stay tuned.

Last Sunday, Kitchen Revolution made the loooong trek from the southern belly of Metro Manila (Alabang) to the northeastern hills of Antipolo.  All for the love of mother nature personified in the Antipolo Earth Fest. Mission? Vegan cooking demonstration and vegan food retail.

We set up our tiny shop in the Earth Fest. We were the only vegetarian table!

I learned the art of working with small spaces after living in a shoebox dorm room in NY. Check out the bamboo frame for the signage - Earth power!

On Sunday’s menu:

Asian noodle salad with mind-blowing peanut sauce and tofu. White bean hummus focaccia with basil-walnut pesto. All good, all the time. Salad served in biodegradable food boxes, sandwich served in banana leaves.

Before we opened for lunch though, I gave a stirring vegan cooking demonstration that won the hearts of the omnivores present (I think).

Explaining the awesome benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet for the body, for the planet, and for the animals.

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