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Kids’ summer cooking classes 2017 (in Alabang)

Hello folks! Summer is kicking off which means kids are spending days at home glued to Netflix or iPads (or both!). Get them off social media and digital screens and into the kitchen learning important and useful life skills.

If you want your kids to learn how to chop, prepare and cook vegetables, and eat nutrient-dense meals, these are the classes for them.


  • 6 weeks of classes, from April 19 to May 25
  • Wednesdays (savory food) and Thursdays (desserts) only, 10am to 2pm. 12 classes in total!
  • Age limit: 8 to 14 year olds
  • Savory Wednesdays: pasta, sushi, veggie burgers, Filipino / Pinoy food, pizza, fancy pants food
  • Sweet Thursdays: cookies, saucy desserts, fruity desserts, chocolate desserts, cupcakes, breakfast desserts
  • On Thursdays the kids and I cook and eat a nourishing vegetarian lunch. Vegetables are always included.
  • Pricing: ranges from  P1,150 per class to P1,600 per class. For example, if you sign your child up for 10-12 classes, the rate is P1,150 per class. If you sign your kid up for only 1-3 classes, the rate is P1,600 per class.
  • Discounts available for siblings! Please fill out the registration form twice and we will let you know about discounts through email.
  • Advanced payment is required through BPI bank deposit, PayPal (additional fees apply) and credit card (additional fees apply). You’re welcome to sign up and pay for 1 class first to see if your kid will like it then later on sign up and pay for the other classes.
  • Classes are hands-on and everything made in class is vegetarian / vegan (no dairy or eggs)
  • Sign up for 1, 3, 7, or all!

The workspace is air-conditioned so the kids can learn in a comfortable environment. Classes are held in a private residence in Ayala Alabang. For our privacy and to protect the kids, we do not disclose the address unless you sign up.

We often get shy kids that come out of their shell in our classes. They make new friends and leave the bubbliest!

Check class details below or download the PDF brochure here.

To sign up, fill out the online form here. 


We are on holiday break from April 6 to 16. For questions about the classes other than what’s provided in this post and in the brochure, please contact us at

You can Viber / WhatsApp / iMessage us at 09178945086.

No calls please! The head chef will be out of the country.

To sign up, fill out the online form here. 


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June classes are definitely happening, just sit tight!

Hello folks! We ARE holding cooking classes in Makati and Alabang this June, the schedule isn’t up yet but it will be this week! Thanks for your patience. If you have any special requests feel free to comment on this post and leave a class topic suggestion!

In the meantime here’s a photo of me and the kids last Thursday in Chocolate class. The kids listened to teacher, paid attention in class, and ate the vegan meal I made them (cheesy farfalle – sauce made from puréed squash, cauliflower, and chickpeas) so I rewarded them with homemade baked whole wheat donuts.



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Cooking classes this March

A sneak peek:

march all

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Photos of classes so far

I normally don’t post photos of classes on the blog because I’m more active on Facebook… But I decided to post what we’ve cooked in class so far this year, for all you non-Facebook users (and for those who don’t know we exist on Facebook).

As usual, all dishes cooked in class are whole foods, plant-based, nutrient-rich, and gluten-free friendly.

Fantastic Salads 4.0 – held on January 15

Mediterranean chickpea, quinoa and olive salad, waldorf salad with candied walnuts, Thai crunch salad, BBQ black bean salad with ranch dressing



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Turning Japanese on Saturday

Check out scenes from the last A Taste of Japan class held in January… It was a pretty tasty party. Come join the repeat class happening this Saturday! We’re covering wholegrain nori rolls, pan seared tofu with mushroom dashi sauce, miso glazed eggplant and peppers, and green tea ice cream with red bean sauce.


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In the kitchen: September classes

Some photos of the dishes cooked in this past month’s classes.

Fantastic salads 2.0

Always a pleasure to share creative ways in preparing fresh vegetable-based dishes!

Clockwise from top left: garlic-dill potato salad, Caesar salad with almond parmesan and garlic croutons, soba noodle salad with miso tahini dressing and tofu, chickpea-quinoa salad on watercress with basil-lime vinaigrette.

Shack of vegan sandwiches

Fabulous sandwiches – no meat but with tons of flavor.

Clockwise from top left: black bean sliders with guacamole, smoky TLT (tofu, lettuce, herbed tomatoes) sandwich, breakfast burrito (with vegetarian sausage and tofu scramble), tu-no salad sandwich, un-chicken salad sandwich.

A taste of Indonesia

A cuisine close to my heart and my belly.

Clockwise from top left: gado gado (salad with peanut sauce), sayur urab (Balinese mixed vegetables with spiced grated coconut), es teler (fresh fruit in coconut milk), sambal goreng tahu (Indonesian tofu curry).

Dessert mayhem: Awesome sauces

Because you can’t spell sosyal without sauce.

Clockwise from top left: poached apples with vanilla bean creme anglaise, whole wheat dark chocolate tart with berry coulis, coffee ice cream with salted caramel sauce, banana bread pudding with chocolate sauce.

Watch out for more amazing classes coming this month!

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In the kitchen: July and August classes

Some photos of the dishes cooked in the past 2 months’ classes. Some classes were postponed either due to bad weather or lack of students, but we pretty much covered a good number of dishes!

I’ll be on holiday break for a month. Next class will be on the 15th of September. Stay tuned for the schedule of September classes.

Perfection achieved by way of pizza

I can’t begin to describe how awesome that day was. I think Manila needs a vegan pizzeria, stat!

Quinoa cookery

The Facebook interwebz practically imploded when I posted sneak peeks of these dishes. Salad of spinach, quinoa, and mushrooms; Moroccan stuffed peppers; black bean and quinoa croquettes with avocado sauce; vegetable lasagna.

Cross-section of the lasagna.

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