January & February classes in Makati + we are closing shop

Happy new year, guys! I hope your holidays were spent merrymaking with loved ones. If you spent too much time indulging in the food department, now is the perfect time to clean up your act and get back to a healthy lifestyle.

We have 4 classes scheduled for January and 4 in February in Makati, all on weekends. Unfortunately these are the only classes we’ll be teaching then we close up shop for good. I (Marie) am moving out of the country with dear Mr Kitchen Revolution in March.

It’s both exciting and terrifying and I will sorely miss teaching. So while I’m still here, do attend my classes because they are now on limited offer!


20, Saturday – Soups to make you sing, 9:30am-1pm

21, Sunday – Pasta participle 2.0, 2-6pm

27, Saturday – Asian salads, 9:30am-12:30pm

28, Sunday – Cooking with seitan, 2-6pm


3, Saturday – Pinoy vegan eats, 9:30am-12:30pm

4, Sunday – Perfection achieved by way of pizza, 2-6pm

24, Saturday – Sushi party, 9:30am-1:30pm

25, Sunday – Creamy, dreamy desserts, 2-5pm

Sign up and pay for 3 classes by January 18, Thursday and get 10% off!

Sign up for 1 class with 2 other friends by January 18, Thursday and get 10% off!





WHEN: January 20, Saturday, 9:30am to 1pm

Soups make a great start to any meal and if they are hearty enough, they can be a complete meal altogether. Learn how to make flavorful, filling, and nourishing soups from scratch using simple ingredients and seasoned to perfection using natural herbs and spices.


Cream of kalabasa soup

Ginger split pea soup

Roasted Mexican vegetable and black bean soup with cilantro sour cream

Miso noodle soup

Mushroom ‘clam’ chowder

RATE: early bird rate of P2050 if paid by February 9 Thursday, P2350 after February 9 Thursday.

NOTE ON ALLERGIES: This class can be made gluten-free upon request. Some of the recipes contain soy.



WHEN: January 21, Sunday, 2-6pm

Pasta is a staple in Italian cuisine because it cooks quickly and fills up your appetite quite nicely. But most pasta noodles are made with refined flour (which can spike blood sugar levels) and their sauces can be quite rich and unhealthy. In PASTA PARTICIPLE 2.0 class, discover how to make healthified dairy-free versions of pasta favourites without sacrificing flavour, using vegetables, legumes, nuts, and herbs.


Spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti with veggie meatballs

Fettuccini carbonara

Mushroom ravioli with 2 sauces

RATE: P2050 if prepaid by January 18 Thursday, P2250 after January 18 Thursday.

NOTE ON ALLERGIES: This class can be made gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free upon request.



WHEN: January 27, Saturday, 9:30am-12:30pm

Learn how to make 4 beautiful, nutrient-dense, and immune-boosting Asian-inspired salads that will knock your tastebuds off. You’ll get familiar with different vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices, and seeds that you can use to create the salads of your dreams.


Vietnamese green papaya salad with peanuts

Filipino eggplant salad with homemade vegetarian bagoong (fermented ‘shrimp’ paste)

Zucchini noodle pad thai salad with tamarind dressing and tofu

Balinese salad with grated coconut and caramelised onion

RATE: P1950 if prepaid by January 25 Wednesday, P2250 after January 25 Wednesday

NOTE ON ALLERGIES: This class can be made gluten-free and nut-free upon request. Some of the recipes contain soy.



WHEN: January 28, Sunday, 2pm-6pm

Learn how to make seitan from scratch and use it in flavorful dishes! Seitan is a vegetarian meat substitute made from gluten (wheat protein). It has a chewy texture quite reminiscent of meat without the cruelty and the cholesterol. If you have difficulty going vegan or cutting out meat because you love the taste of it or if you’re a vegetarian who wants to expand his or her cooking knowledge, this class is for you.


Unchicken salad with egg-free mayo

Pastrami sandwich with pickled onions

Sausilog (breakfast sausages with garlic brown rice and tofu scramble)

Festive herbed roast with mushroom stuffing and gravy

RATE: early bird rate of P2150 if paid by January 25 Thursday, P2450 after January 25 Thursday.

NOTE ON ALLERGIES: This class uses gluten extensively. Some of the recipes contain soy.




WHEN: February 3, Saturday, 9:30am-12:30pm

One of the challenges of adopting a plant-based diet in this country is recreating more healthful versions of traditional familiar foods. Filipino cuisine is characterized by bold flavors — sour, sweet, bitter, salty, spicy. But going veg doesn’t have to mean turning your back on culture! In this class, we explored plant-based renditions of favorite popular Pinoy dishes.


Chickpea kaldareta

Tofu mushroom adobo

Tofu steak tagalog

Longganisa with tortang talong

RATE: early bird rate of P1950 if paid by February 1 Thursday, P2250 after February 1 Thursday.

NOTE ON ALLERGIES: This class can be made gluten-free upon request. Some of the recipes contain soy.



WHEN: February 4 Sunday, 2-6pm

Who doesn’t love pizza? A healthy diet isn’t drinking green juice and eating salad all day. Guilt-free pizza is definitely achievable in your own kitchen – why pay someone to make you a tolerable vegetable pizza when you can make one (or 9!) yourself that you will actually want to devour? Come to this class and I promise, you won’t find better pizzas around.

Learn how to knead whole wheat pizza dough from scratch as well as:

3 sauces – marinara, smoky barbecue, and dairy-free garlic cream
2 dairy-free cheeses – soy and cashew

At the end of class we will make AT LEAST 9 awesome pizza flavours:

margherita, Italian veggie sausage, garden of Eden, alfalfa and arugula
bianca, truffle potato, truffle mushroom, spinach and squash
garden barbecue

This is a pretty popular class and in the end of class, you will leave completely stuffed!!!

RATE: P2450 if prepaid by February 1 Thursday, P2750 after February 1 Thursday.

NOTE ON ALLERGIES: This class can be made nut-free upon request. Some of the recipes contain soy and gluten.



WHEN: February 24, Saturday, 9:30am-1:30pm

In this NEW class, discover how to make healthy, flavorful sushi using whole-foods, plant-based ingredients. We’ll play with wholegrains, rice-free and vegetarian tuna alternatives, making condiments from scratch, and using both traditional and non-traditional Japanese ingredients to coax flavor and umami out of vegetables.


Raw nori rolls with bok choy or kale, cashew cream cheese, cucumber, and mango

Dynamite roll with baked tempeh tonkatsu, sesame mayo, and home-pickled ginger

Dragon roll with tomato ‘tuna’, avocado, and soy-mirin sauce

Sushi with singkamas rice, baked tofu, and mushrooms

Sushi with sweet potato tempura, spring onion, and spicy mayo

RATE: P2050 if prepaid by February 22 Thursday, P2350 after February 22 Thursday.

NOTE ON ALLERGIES:  Some of the recipes contain soy, gluten, and nuts. Gluten-free alternatives can be made available upon request.



WHEN: February 25, Sunday, 2-5pm

Get dairy out of your life and still indulge in lusciously decadent desserts! Learn the secrets behind making cream-based, low-glycemic and cholesterol-free sweet treats sans dairy.


Crepes with homemade vanilla ice cream

Banana trifle with cashew cream

Pana cotta with strawberry sauce

Mangoes and cream bars

RATE: early bird rate of P1950 if paid by February 22 Thursday, P2250 after February 22 Thursday.

NOTE ON ALLERGIES: This class can be made gluten-free upon request. Some of the recipes contain soy and nuts.


VENUE: Legaspi Village, Makati (private location – address will be given out upon registration)

PAYMENT: We accept BPI deposit, Paypal, and credit card payments (PP and credit card incur additional fees). Full details will be given upon registration.

TO SIGN UP: click here


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