Something different this Christmas: KR gift certificates now for sale

Hello, folks! Christmas is around the corner and we’re probably all scrambling to get gifts for our loved ones. It’s easy to just pop by the mall and buy generic, factory-made, made-in-a-distant-country presents – but what would be really cool and more meaningful is if you support local businesses and buy presents from people that handcraft their own products and services.

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you that Kitchen Revolution now has gift certificates to cooking classes for sale! Cooking is a skill I think everyone needs to learn if you want to be self-sufficient and take care of your health. It’s easy to grab a bite at a fast food place or  restaurant but most food establishments serve food that don’t nourish us. Fat, salt, and sugar make food taste amazing and that’s what restaurants will use to lure people in (unfortunately that is why heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer exist). Of course, if you don’t know how to cook, you’ll rely on someone else to cook for you. Cooking can be therapeutic, creative, and a great way to show someone you care for them. So, either gift yourself with a GC to one of our classes or gift someone with it so they can cook for you!


Our classes are unique because we use whole foods and holistic ingredients to make dishes taste amazing. We focus on fruit and vegetables, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, mushrooms, and anything plant-based to make flavourful yet healthful food. We can adapt to food intolerances / allergies in class (kindly inform us in advance). You’ll definitely learn unique and surprising tips in the kitchen – things you won’t learn in conventional cooking classes!

GC’s are available in denominations of P500, P1000, or any value you choose (plus courier fee of P45). Most of our classes cost P1850 (early bird rate) but others are priced differently (e.g. the juice and smoothie workshop costs less while the pizza / nutty dessert classes cost more). We work with any budget and GC’s are available year round!


The first 15 people who will purchase a GC worth P1850 (good for 1 regular class) can get it at P500 off! Spend only P1350 on a class worth P1850! This promo ends on December 22, Tuesday.

This promo is limited to 1 GC per person. If a class costs more than P1850, the student must pay for the difference (e.g. Pizza class is usually P2250. P2250 – 1850 = P400).

GC Conditions:

  1. The GC’s are transferable but non-refundable.
  2. GC’s cannot be exchanged for cash. No change will be given if a GC worth P1850 is used to pay for a class that’s worth less.
  3. The GC is good until 1 year from issue.
  4. RSVP is a must. We post class schedules on the website every month and we always require RSVP’ing, just so we know how much ingredients we need for all the students.
  5. Our cancelation policy will still be implemented. Check it out here.


We’re done teaching classes for the year but we’ll have more in 2016. See you in the kitchen!


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