June cooking classes in Alabang

We’ve got 3 cooking classes lined up for adults in Alabang! Stay tuned for the Makati schedule.

JUNE (all on Wednesdays)

10 – Bodacious veggie burgers, 10am to 2pm (happening in Makati in June, too!)

17 – Perfection achieved by way of pizza, 10am to 2:30pm

24 – D(imsum)-day, 10am to 2pm (happening in Makati in June, too!)

*gluten-free options upon request – please indicate in registration via email or text (details in our contact page or scroll down).

Interested in classes in Makati? Check out details here.


bodacious veggie burgers 061015 alabang

In BODACIOUS VEGGIE BURGERS class, learn how to make 4 flavourful burger patties using all vegetarian ingredients. We’ll also make condiments and toppings from scratch!
On the menu:
Bean burgers
Tofu burgers
Mushroom burgers
TVP burgers
Supernatural ketchup
Smoky barbecue sauce
Egg-free mayo
Cashew cream cheese
Mushroom bacon
Caramelized onion
RATE: early bird rate of P1850 if paid by June 8 Monday, P2150 after June 8. (prepaying details here)
Last burger class at Kismet Cafe was an epic success! Be as happy as this lot.

Burger class at Kismet Cafe in April was an epic success! Be as happy as this lot.


pizza 061715 alabang

Who doesn’t love pizza? A healthy diet isn’t drinking green juice and eating salad all day. Guilt-free pizza is definitely achievable in your own kitchen – why pay someone to make you a tolerable vegetable pizza when you can make one (or 9) yourself that you will actually want to devour?

Come to PERFECTION ACHIEVED BY WAY OF PIZZA class and I promise, you won’t find better pizzas around. Learn how to knead whole wheat and gluten-free pizza doughs from scratch as well as:

3 sauces – marinara, smoky barbecue, and dairy-free garlic cream

2 dairy-free cheeses – soy and cashew

(if you’re allergic to nuts, we’ve got a solution for that! Mention you’re nut-free when you register)

At the end of class we will make 9 awesome pizza flavours:

margherita, bianca, Italian veggie sausage, truffle potato, truffle mushroom,

garden barbecue, roman eggplant, pizza con zucca, sky’s the limit

This is a pretty popular class and in the end of class, you will leave completely stuffed!!!

RATE: P2150 if prepaid by June 15 Monday, P2450 after June 15 Monday  (prepaying details here)



dimsum day alabang 062415

Make authentic-tasting and healthy dim sum favourites from scratch in D-DAY.

On the menu:




Baked spring rolls

*bonus recipe: seafood-free and homemade vegetarian oyster sauce

RATE: early bird rate of P1850 if paid by June 22 Monday, P2150 after June 22. (prepaying details here)

dimsum day


VENUE: a private residence in Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa. Please inquire to get the exact address.

To register and get more class details, email info@kitchenrevolution.ph or fill up this form. Indicate food allergies / sensitivities if you have any. Or text 0917-894-5086!

General info / FAQ’s on classes

How to pay for a class

Cancellation policy

Check here and here for photos of past classes! (Facebook)



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  1. Hi Marie! The dimsum class in Makati, will that fall on a weekend? 🙂

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