February cooking classes in Makati

For Alabang classes, check out this post!

Hello hello! People have been clamouring for Makati-based cooking classes and it’s finally happening! Starting February, I hope to teach regularly (about 4 or so classes / month) in Craft MNL, a crafting workspace in Pasay Road, Makati. Craft MNL is a community of artisans, crafters, designers and creative entrepreneurs who learn, create, share and celebrate the work of our hands.  They try to give encouragement and support to crafters from all over the metro by providing a virtual space for folks to be able to see the other crafters/craft studios/craft events in their respective neighborhoods.  By doing so, they want to see just how extensive the passion for the handmade is in various cities. Check out their Facebook page and website for more info.

Craft MNL hosts regular crafting classes and my cooking classes will be included in their roster! Quite exciting times – I love the people behind Craft MNL and I love their passion.

Anyway, on to the schedules. Hope to see you guys there!



7, Sat – Fantastic salads 1.0 (10am to 1pm)

8, Sun – Quinoa cookery (2pm to 6pm)

14, Sat – A taste of the Mediterranean (10am to 2pm)

28, Sat – Vegan Cookies (9:30 to 1pm)


salads 012915

Salads are nutrient-dense, immunity-boosting, and cooling to the body. There are terrible salads out there (I’m talking about limp leaves with a side of vinegar some restaurants like to sell for P400) but the salad of your dreams – the kind that you’ll look forward to eating – is easy and doable. In FANTASTIC SALADS 1.0 class, learn how to make 4 beautiful salads that will knock your socks and tastebuds off. You’ll get familiar with different vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, herbs, spices, and seeds that you can use to compose the salads of your dreams.

On the menu:

Mexican black bean chopped salad

Turkish-spiced chickpea and quinoa salad

Mediterranean green bean salad with caramelized onions

Seaweed salad with wasabi dressing and tofu

RATE: P1850 if prepaid by February 5 Thursday, P2150 after February 5 Thursday  (prepaying details here).



quinoa 013015

Quinoa is a wholegrain that’s high in protein and fiber, low on starch, and uber-versatile. It’s an easy substitute for rice but if you want to learn more creative ways with this wonder grain, then check out QUINOA COOKERY class!

On the menu:

Rainbow vegetable quinoa salad

Black bean and quinoa croquettes with avocado sauce (when avocados are out of season, we sub with garlic cashew aioli)

Moroccan-spiced stuffed peppers

Mushroom and quinoa risotto

RATE: P1850 if prepaid by February 5 Thursday, P2150 after February 5 Thursday  (prepaying details here).

quinoa 4


mediterranean 013015

The Mediterranean diet has long been touted to be one of the healthiest diets in the world. With an emphasis on whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruit, herbs, and spices, who are we to contradict this claim? In A TASTE OF THE MEDITERRANEAN class, get familiar with ingredients widely used in Mediterranean cuisine and create classic dishes with even healthier twists.

On the menu:

Greek salad with soy feta

Quinoa tabbouleh

Baked falafels with tahini sauce

Olive tapenade and melitzanosalata (smoky eggplant dip)

RATE: P1850 if prepaid by November 24 Monday, P2150 after November 24 Monday  (prepaying details here).



cookies 013015

Learn how to bake dairy-free and egg-free versions of popular cookies in VEGAN COOKIES class! Get familiar with using healthier alternatives to white flour and white sugar as well as plant-based alternatives to butter and eggs.

Are vegan cookies any good? I’ve been vegan for more than 6 years and feeding dairy-eaters my cookies – yes, yes my vegan cookies bring all the boys to the yard. You won’t know the difference and they’re cholesterol-free, too.

On the menu:

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Peanut butter crisscross cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

Double chocolate chip cookies


Please note: this class is not gluten free.

RATE: P1850 if prepaid by July 17 Thursday, P2150 after July 17 Thursday  (prepaying details here).



VENUE: Craft MNL Workshop

Unit 302, Pamana-Languages Building, 926 Arnaiz Ave / Pasay Rd, Makati (check google maps here)

To sign up and get more class details, text 0917-894-5086 or email info@kitchenrevolution.ph.

General info / FAQ’s on classes

How to pay for a class

Cancellation policy

Check here and here for photos of past classes! (Facebook)


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