On a break + schedule for October classes

Sooo this post is 2 weeks late. If you’ve tried to reach me by text, call, or email, apologies for my tardiness in replying as I’m on vacation busy getting lost in marketplaces and centuries-old towns…


But clearly, am not busy enough to update my cooking class schedule for October.

By the way, MAKATI CLASSES ON WEEKENDS! Yes. Stay tuned, they are in the works, and I am as excited as you are.

We’ve got 3 classes in Alabang lined up for October! Here’s a quick summary:

15th, Wednesday – Vegan cookies 2.0 (new class!)

22nd, Wednesday – Perfection achieved by way of pizza

29th, Wednesday – Sell your soul for vegan sausages

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for details on signing up.


15th, Wednesday – DESSERT MAYHEM: VEGAN COOKIES 2.0, 10am to 2pm


Learn how to bake dairy-free and egg-free versions of popular cookies in this NEW class! Get familiar with using healthier alternatives to white flour and white sugar as well as plant-based alternatives to butter and eggs.

Are vegan cookies any good? I’ve been vegan for more than 6 years and feeding dairy-eaters my cookies – yes, yes my vegan cookies bring all the boys to the yard. You won’t know the difference and they’re cholesterol-free, too. We end class with a healthy, homemade lunch.

On the menu:

Crunchy peanut butter oatmeal cookies

Classic sugar cookies


Sparkling gingerbread cookies

Please note: this class is not gluten free.

RATE: P1850 if prepaid by October 13 Monday, P2150 after October 13 Monday  (prepaying details here).


23rd, Wednesday – PERFECTION ACHIEVED BY WAY OF PIZZA (gluten-free options available), 10am to 2:30pm


Who doesn’t love pizza? Yes, herbivores don’t just drink green juice and eat salad all day. We like to let our hair down and occasionally nosh on one of Italy’s food legacies. For those who forsake dairy, ordering a cheeseless pizza may seem more of a chore than a treat.

Why pay someone to make you a tolerable vegetable pizza when you can make one (or 8) yourself that you will actually want to devour?

Come to this class and I promise, you won’t find better pizzas around. To the herbivores out there, you don’t want to miss this. And if you’re a meat eater? It’ll be an enlightening experience for you, too.

Learn how to knead whole wheat and gluten-free pizza doughs from scratch as well as:

3 sauces – marinara, smoky barbecue, and dairy-free garlic cream

2 dairy-free cheeses – soy and nut

(if you’re allergic to nuts, we’ve got a solution for that! Mention you’re nut-free when you register)

At the end of class we will make 8 awesome pizza flavours:

margherita, bianca, truffle potato, truffle mushroom,

garden barbecue, roman eggplant, pizza con zucca, sky’s the limit

This is a pretty popular class and in the end of class, you will leave completely stuffed!!!

RATE: P2150 if prepaid by October 20 Monday, P2450 after October 20 Monday  (prepaying details here)


29th, Wednesday – SELL YOUR SOUL FOR VEGAN SAUSAGES, 10am to 2pm


Learn how to make all-natural vegetarian sausages from scratch. No preservatives, no fakey fakes, no cholesterol – just real, plant-based ingredients and big on flavor. Low fat, too, I might add. You’ll learn how to pair herbs and spices together to create flavours like chorizo, pepperoni, and Italian sausage (among others), and then turn these sausages into scrumptious savoury dishes.

On the menu:

Sausage master recipe

Sausage and mushroom stuffed peppers

Sausage and vegetable pot pies

Spaghetti with sausage and tomato cream sauce

Please note: this class is not gluten free.

RATE: P1850 if prepaid by October 27 Monday, P2150 after October 27 Monday  (prepaying details here).


VENUE: a private residence in Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa. Please inquire to get the exact address.

To register and get more class details, email info@kitchenrevolution.ph or fill up this form. Indicate food allergies / sensitivities if you have any.

Kindly note we (i.e. Marie) is on vacation somewhere across the world. Our business cell number (0917-894-5086) now works BUT texts and calls are expensive! Registering through email is the best route – second best are Viber / Whatsapp / iMessage but replies will come late 🙂

General info / FAQ’s on classes

How to pay for a class

Cancellation policy

Check here and here for photos of past classes! (Facebook)



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3 responses to “On a break + schedule for October classes

  1. Gigi parco

    Hi Marie. I attended one of your sessions in a friend’s place. I’m happy to hear you have sessions in Alabang soon. Please email me the details on how to join, venue, and payment. Interested to attend all three sessions. If there’s no conflict. Left my email details above. Regards!

    • kitchenrevolution

      Hi Gigi,

      Sorry for my late reply, I just got back from travels. Details are in the blogpost http://wp.me/poeTM-Dd ! I don’t publish my Alabang venue because it’s in a residential house. However if you’d like to sign up for a class, shoot me an email info@kitchenrevolution.ph. We’ve got Pizza on Wednesday and Sausages next week Wednesday!

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