August classes in Alabang

Hello hello! We’ve got 4 classes coming up, all held in Alabang (if you’re wondering why there are no Makati classes, read this). Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store this month – read on below to get full details.

Homemade fresh pasta dough is on the horizon, folks!

Homemade fresh pasta dough is on the horizon, folks!


13, Wed – Fantastic salads 4.0, 10am to 2pm

16, Sat – Killer knife skills, 10am to 1pm

20, Wed – Vegan cookies, 10am to 1pm

27, Wed – Pasta participle 2.0, 10am to 2pm

Note: we will have 2 to 3 classes in early September and be on break from mid September to mid October.


13th, Wednesday – FANTASTIC SALADS 4.0 (gluten-free), 10am to 2pm


*This class was originally supposed to be held last July 16 but was postponed due to Typhoon Glenda.

Salads are nutrient-dense, immunity-boosting, and cooling to the body. There are terrible salads out there (I’m talking about limp leaves with a side of vinegar some restaurants like to sell for P400) but the salad of your dreams – the kind that you’ll look forward to eating – is easy and doable. In this class, learn how to make 4 beautiful salads that will knock your socks and tastebuds off. You’ll get familiar with different vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, herbs, spices, and seeds that you can use to compose future socks-knocking salads.

On the menu:

Mediterranean chickpea, olive, and quinoa salad

Waldorf salad with sea salt candied walnuts

Black bean chopped salad with ranch dressing

Thai crunch salad with peanut dressing

RATE: P1850 if prepaid by August 11 Monday, P2150 after Monday  (prepaying details here)


16th, Saturday – KILLER KNIFE SKILLS, 10am to 1pm


Learn proper slicing techniques (such as batonnet, julienne, dice, brunoise, chiffonade, concasse, and supreme) and you’ll find yourself spending less time prepping and more time savouring your home cooked meal. You’ll also learn how to care for, sharpen, and hone your knives. Class ends with a meal using the vegetables chopped in class.

RATE: P1,500 if prepaid by August 14 Thursday, P1,750 after Thursday (prepaying details here)


20th, Wednesday – DESSERT MAYHEM: VEGAN COOKIES, 10am to 1pm

photo 1

Learn how to bake dairy-free and egg-free versions of popular cookies in this new class! Get familiar with using healthier alternatives to bleached white flour and white sugar as well as plant-based alternatives to butter and eggs.

Are vegan cookies any good? I’ve been vegan for almost 7 years and feeding dairy-eaters my cookies – yes, yes my vegan cookies bring all the boys to the yard. You won’t know the difference and they’re cholesterol-free, too.

*A simple healthy snack will be served throughout the class.

On the menu:

Oatmeal raisin cookies

Peanut butter crisscross cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

Double chocolate chip cookies


Please note: this class is not gluten free.

RATE: P1850 if prepaid by August 18 Monday, P2150 after Monday  (prepaying details here).


27, Wednesday – PASTA PARTICIPLE 2.0 (gluten-free friendly)


Pasta is a staple in Italian cuisine because it cooks quickly and fills up your appetite quite nicely. But most pasta noodles are made with refined flour (which can spike blood sugar levels) and their sauces can be quite rich and unhealthy. In this class, discover how to make healthified versions of pasta favourites without sacrificing flavour, using vegetables, legumes, nuts, and herbs. We’ll also make fresh pasta dough without eggs – whole wheat AND gluten-free versions!

On the menu:

Spaghetti walnut bolognese

Spaghetti and lentil meatballs

Mushroom carbonara with almond parmesan

Homemade ravioli

RATE: P1850 if prepaid by August 25 Monday, P2150 after Monday  (prepaying details here)



VENUE: a private residence in Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa. Please inquire to get the exact address.

To sign up and get more class details, text 0917-894-5086, email, or fill up the form here.

General info / FAQ’s on classes

How to pay for a class

Cancellation policy

Check here and here for photos of past classes! (Facebook)



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3 responses to “August classes in Alabang

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    Hope you can include crack cacao nib cookies in the cookie class =0)

    • kitchenrevolution

      We will be covering chocolate chip cookies in the class but not the same recipe as my crack cookies 🙂 We can do a version with nibs if you like. Come!

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