February 2014 schedule of classes

Exciting times ahead in February!

february all 2

Cook timeless PASTA favorites with a healthy, plant-based twist on the 8th, Sunday (Makati). Learn how to make gluten-free ravioli from scratch!

Compose creative and colorful SALADS that want to be eaten on the 8th, Saturday (Alabang).

The ever popular PIZZA class comes back on the 12th, Wednesday (Alabang), both with whole wheat and gluten-free variations.

The MEDITERRANEAN is known for its naturally healthful yet flavorful dishes – discover how to make them on the 15th, Saturday (Makati).

Recreating THAI cuisine may seem complicated but it is actually quite simple once you familiarize yourself with its key ingredients. And making traditional dishes with a vegan twist is doable and delicious! Learn how to on the 16th, Sunday (Makati).

GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN SAUSAGES — an impossible dream? They certainly are not! In this class, learn a master sausage recipe using vegan, gluten-free ingredients and how to flavor them in multiple ways. We will turn the sausages into 3 dishes. This is happening on the 19th, Wednesday (Alabang).

And lastly, make vegetarian sushi that doesn’t suck (and isn’t composed solely of cucumber), plus other delicious things like miso-glazed vegetables and an enoki mushroom sauce poured over tofu in A TASTE OF JAPAN on the 26th, Wednesday (Alabang).

In case you missed the text in the image above, all classes are either gluten-free or gluten-free friendly, while keeping everything whole foods, plant-based, healthy, and delicious.

To sign up, click here.

General info / FAQ’s on classes

How to pay for a class

Cancellation policy

Check here and here for photos of past classes! (Facebook)




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4 responses to “February 2014 schedule of classes

  1. ivy esguerra

    Are the sausages also home-made? Do we learn to make them too?

  2. Anne

    How much per class? Do we get to make the food ourselves or we just watch?

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