On a break til the 10th / back with new classes

Currently out of town, back soon with new classes! Hold on tight for the schedule of summer cooking classes for kids and adults. Barely any signal where I am, so do send your inquiries via email. Or with those with Viber / Whatsapp, send me a text!

on a break 2013 2



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4 responses to “On a break til the 10th / back with new classes

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  3. Aileen

    Hi Ms Marie! I’d like to know if you’ll have saturday classes for kids even after the summer. We just learned about your website only recently and the activities seem very interesting. Thanks!

    • kitchenrevolution

      Hi Aileen, Not sure if I replied to your message – I usually focus on classes for adults during the school year. However I sometimes get mom-and-daughter pairs in my class! Especially for the baking classes. Feel free to sign your kid and yourself up. I charge slightly less for kids (accompanied by an adult).

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