Gluten-free bread update + cookies!

photo 2

Before I dabbled in the gluten-free bread baking arts, I had no idea that Pinoys would crave this stuff. More and more people are experiencing the benefits of the gluten-free lifestyle or are trying to heal whatever health problems they have holistically through diet. I’m thrilled to help out in any way I can – if my obsession with alternative (and vegan) cooking and baking can support people’s health goals, well and good.

Enter: gluten-free bread. Two establishments are currently carrying my bread: Edgy Veggy Cafe in Kapitolyo, Pasig and Corner Tree Cafe on Jupiter St, Makati. Edgy Veggy delivers to select cities in Metro Manila – see my previous blog post on the bread for more details. You can also pick up from Corner Tree Cafe in Makati.

And, if you frequent the southern Metro Manila areas, I carry my own bread too! Send me a message 0917-894-5086. This is perfect if you desire freshly baked bread straight from the source (Alabang). P130 per loaf.

photo 1

gluten-free and quite the stud… studded with sesame and flax seeds

One last thing: apart from 1 pound oval loaves, I also carry gluten free baguettes. I know it sounds impossible, but it ain’t. P130 per baguette.

I’m currently experimenting with more gluten-free alternatives and more bread for sure. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me purvey gluten free pan de sal, ciabatta bread, pizza dough crusts… desserts are somewhere on the horizon.

Okay, second last thing:


I do occasionally bake gluten-free sweets. These chocolate chip cookies taste exactly like the regular stuff (some say even better). I’ve made ’em with cacao nibs as well – less processed than chocolate but with the same chocolate goodness – and they are amaze-balls. Not that I encourage you to eat cookies to enjoy the health benefits of cacao nibs…  More on why cacao nibs are awesome here. P375 for a box of 14 cookies.

These are sweetened with coconut sugar too, because I hate diabetes just as the next person.

If you are a fan of gingersnap cookies, you’re in luck because I make those gluten-free, too (no photo, unfortunately). P325 for a box of 12 cookies.

How to get said cookies? Order through Edgy Veggy (0917-847-4831) or send me a text (0917-894-5086).

**If you are a food business establishment interested in gluten-free food and / or would like to carry my gluten-free products, send me a message.



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14 responses to “Gluten-free bread update + cookies!

  1. Do you accept customized gluten-free bread orders? My son’s on a gluten-free diet, but he also can’t have other ingredients, like sesame seeds.

    • kitchenrevolution

      Hi Katrina,

      Yes definitely. Is he ok with flax seeds though? I use flax as my egg replacer. If this doesn’t work, let me know. Please send me an email. If you’d like more information on the ingredients I use, I can send them to you.

      • Katrina Villareal

        We haven’t tried them, but it’s included in the list of food he can have. I would appreciate more information on the ingredients. Where can I email you?

      • Katrina Villareal

        Too bad I missed your March 1st plant-based dairy and cheese alternatives at Chefs on Parade. Hope this can be included in one of your classes. I’ll definitely attend!

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  3. Joe

    Hey! 🙂 I just got home from Edgy Veggy (luckily i live close to them) and bought a piece of baguette and chocolate cookie to try. Ive yet to taste the baguette, but my was that cookie lovely. ❤ Before i place orders with you, i'd like for you to send me (if its alright) your complete ingredient list for all your gluten free products, as I have an undiagnosed autoimmune disease, and have been on a strict diet for a while, and really missing bread and home made pastries.. I hope your list matches all the 'yes ingredients' on my list! *crossing fingers*

  4. hi, are these breads & cookies also dairy free? I have endo and i can’t eat wheat and dairy products — but i’m craving for cookies/bread..

  5. Lorraine

    Hi I am gluten and dairy free and was wondering what other products you make besides bread and cookies. Is there anyway you could email a list of things that I could order?


  6. Kim

    Hi there. Do you use eggs or milk on your bread? Cause I’m looking for breads that are gluten free that doesn’t have eggs nor milk

  7. GF Morgan

    what’s the size of the gluten free bread in diameter?

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