Schedule of January classes

So how were your holidays? Full of junk food? Get back on track, learn a few tricks in the kitchen, and indulge in healthful tastiness.

We tackle glorious PIZZA with different toppings on the 12th that will make you wonder why you even bother ordering from a pizza place. We’ll make everything from scratch in this class – whole wheat crust, cream sauce, tofu cheese, veggie pepperoni, etc.

If you are stuck in a SALAD rut, class on the 16th is for you! No one should suffer through a leaf-and-tomato salad – get creative with vegetables and homemade dressings in this class.

Cruise through the MEDITERRANEAN on the 19th – Greece for the hearty chickpea salad, Naples for the eggplant dish, and everywhere else for the stuffed zucchini and pear tart.

And lastly, make flavorful SOUPS on the 23rd that make great additions to any meal – eat them as a prequel to main dishes or as the star of the meal itself. We’ll make a flavorful stock from scratch, learn a few fat-free cooking techniques, and a dairy-free cream of mushroom soup that will knock your socks off.

Sign up! Send me a PM, email, or text.

General information on classes here.

Cancellation policy on classes here.

Photos of past cooking classes here.




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3 responses to “Schedule of January classes

  1. Palma, Ingrid

    Hi. Pls sign me up for the mediterranean class. What time will the class begin and where? How much? Do I need to bring anything?

    Hope there could be a soup class on a sat.

    • kitchenrevolution

      Hi Ingrid, please email me . P1750 for the class if you pay in advance via bank deposit — details on the poster. Just bring an apron, pen for notes (hand outs provided), food containers in case of leftovers. Wear comfy clothes and shoes. I can email you a map to the venue.

  2. paula

    Hi, do you offer basic cooking classes? Please send me some details. Thanks.

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