World Meatless Lunch launches on October 1 (in 1 hour!)

Interspecies friendship
Friends don’t eat friends! 🙂
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, October 2010

Tomorrow, October the 1st, is the start of World Vegetarian Day / Vegetarian Awareness Month. It is also the launch of World Meatless Lunch, a global initiative created here in the Philippines to alleviate climate change by encouraging people to eat a vegetarian meal for lunch tomorrow.

If you doubt that your food choices can impact the world, here is some information that may just change your mind. Not only is this vegetarian lunch a step towards minimizing your carbon footprint, it’s a great way to explore a more healthful and more compassionate diet.
*image below created by Laarni de Lusong, a fellow vegetarian.
If you wish to have a vegetarian meal out, check out Happy Cow for a directory of vegetarian restaurants around the world. For Metro Manila restaurants, check out this link. For the rest of the Philippines, check out this link.
*Other dates to take note of :
October 2 – World farm animal day
October 4 – Feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals
November 1 – World vegan day

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