Vegan cooking demo at Yummy Eats on the 26th, aka the sky is falling

I really should get back to recipe testing (last na ‘to, promise!) but I just wanted to let you all know that the world must be coming to an end because — well, the reasons are 4-fold:

  1. Vegan cooking appeared on mainstream television last year (link here)
  2. Vegan cooking appears regularly in one of the top food magazines in the country starting this year (link here)
  3. Cosmo magazine celebrates a vegan chef as one of the fun, fearless, females of 2012 (link here)
  4. last but not the least…

There will be a vegan cooking demo at Yummy Eats, one of the biggest food(ie) fairs in the country.

Seriously, I never thought I’d see the day… But it’s happening.

On Saturday the 26th, stop by Yummy Eats at the Rockwell tent and watch me demonstrate a few of my favorite plant-strong recipes. I’m on at around 5:00pm so make sure you pass by then!

Philippines, I’m going to turn you plant-strong, just you wait. But in the meantime, it’s back to the kitchen.

For Yummy Eats updates, check out YUMMY’s Facebook page and Twitter .

Edited to add: (05/16/12)

Check out the line-up of chefs and cooking demos here. I’m the only vegetarian chef on the program, by the way (and by the looks of it, probably the only female?). While I’d love meat eaters to try the food I’ll be cooking, herbivores I’m counting on you to come veg-represent. There will be limited samples so sit close to the stage.


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