In the kitchen: summer cooking classes for kids – first 2 weeks

Today marks the fourth cooking / baking class I’m holding this summer for kids. I’m having a blast sharing my passion for healthy, plant-based cooking to kids who aren’t vegetarian and aren’t necessarily big fans of vegetables. My goal is to get them to learn knife skills, cook with herbs and spices, and play around with unconventional ingredients such as beans, cashews, tofu, and homemade vegetarian sausages. It warms my heart to see them enjoy veggie meatballs, whole wheat pizzas, and lentils!

Four things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Kids will eat healthfully if you let them prep and cook food right from the start.
  2. You can’t impose your love for vegetables on them but you can tell them to try something unusual at least once before they decide they don’t like it.
  3. Kids will respect you if you treat and talk to them like adults (it also helps if you have a fat cat chilling in the garden begging for tummy rubs). One of my fears while preparing for these classes was that I might lose my cool. Back in my elementary school days, there definitely were occasions when my whole class would push our teachers’ buttons. We took pride in it, too. No button pushing in Cucina Revolucion, though. So far, so good!
  4. You won’t feel old until you spend time with people half or a third of your age.

True story:

6-year old kid from pasta class: “How old are you?”

Me: “How old do I look like?”

Kid: “38?”

Me: “WHAT!!”


I’d like to share some class photos with you. These classes make Kitchen Revolution truly feel like a revolution. Next week I have 11 kids for Mexican class and I cannot wait!

Veggie meatball rolling action from pasta class

Master veggie meatball dredger

Death by vegan chocolate truffles, fondue, and peanut butter cups. Lunch of whole wheat (no queso) quesadilla with guacamole and salsa.

Kids making and enjoying whole wheat vegan pizzas - anything is possible!

Cutie patootie Panpan enjoying a slice of sausage and zucchini pizza.
Whole wheat and vegan, thank you very much.

Vegan baking army

Today's lunch: lentils, vegan sausage, and string beans with brown rice.
Look at those smiles!

Rose is a natural

Vegan cupcake invasion
Me and my 8 pastry sous chefs!

Dairy free, egg free cupcakes and their makers. Nothing fake, just pure deliciousness.

Kitchen Revolution's kids got cupcake decorating talent



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4 responses to “In the kitchen: summer cooking classes for kids – first 2 weeks

  1. Liezl

    Hi! Hope you have also cooking class for kids here in makati for May.

  2. Hi Marie,
    My oh my! Am I glad to discover that there’s actually a vegan chef here in Philippines. I’m a newly converted vegan, two months in to be exact. My transition wasn’t as difficult as I expected so it has really been great for me. The secret is to eat at home and yes, how I have been cooking up a storm! The only challenge so far is the occasional cravings. I just keep reminding myself why I decided to make the switch and thankfully haven’t slipped yet. I’ve experimented on making my own seitan and sausages. I’ve been reading a lot about tempeh so I got interested in trying it out. I found your blog as I was looking for Tempeh stores and it’s a big disappointment to learn we don’t have any, unless you make some.😜
    I’m also disheartened that I missed your cooking class at Blue Waters in Cebu.
    It would be great to attend one of your cooking classes one day and meet you in person.
    Such a great mission you have and I fully support your ideals.
    Your biggest fan from Panglao, Bohol


    • kitchenrevolution

      Hi MJ, thanks for your sweet message!

      I’m sorry you missed my Cebu workshop. And regarding ‘cravings’ / slipping up, it’s good to have a solid foundation on why you made the switch in the first place. I was a carnivore back in the day — I even once tried Atkins at the attempt to lose weight (never again!). I stay grounded with the thought that going vegan means not supporting animal cruelty. No animal had to die for me. Each meal is joyful because death was not a part of it. This might sound so cow hugger-ish, but I’ve learned to embrace my cow hugger-side. If you find yourself swaying meat-side, no big deal — pick yourself up and go back to veggies. If baby steps will help you transition, then do so. If you’re good with absolutely meat-free living, awesome.

      Do let me know next time you find yourself in Manila and hopefully I do get invited back to your part of the country for another workshop!

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