In the kitchen: Fantastic salads 3.0

Salads — everyone has a love / hate relationship with them. Some people cannot fathom eating anything green, others make like a rabbit and scarf ’em down (and then, there are crazy people who actually drink their vegetables…). Salads are super good for you and now that the temperature’s reached infernal levels, they make for great summer meals. Eating mostly raw vegetables cools the body down and bombards it with tons of vitamins and minerals. Their high fiber content doesn’t hurt, either.

I used to abhor salads back when what was served in restaurants were sad leaves adorned with forlorn tomatoes. Never again!!!

It has been my personal mission to teach people how to make amazing, beautiful salads that are bursting with fresh flavors. This is the third salad class I’ve held with completely new recipes from the first two. So far, so good.

Class held yesterday. Let these colors mesmerize you.

From top left, clockwise:

  1. Jicama-pommelo salad with spiced peanuts and a lemongrass dressing
  2. Summer zucchini salad with almonds and a lemon parsley vinaigrette
  3. Rainbow black bean and couscous salad
  4. Salad of arugula with watermelon and soy feta cheese

Watch out for other salad classes (a repeat of the first 2) in the coming months.

And speaking of the crazies who like to drink their vegetables…

No shame! I love my greens.
(photo by Ryan Fernandez)


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