March cooking classes

Moving forward from action-packed January and February, I present to you the schedule for March cooking classes!

Learn how to compose stunningly delicious sandwiches in Shack of vegan sandwiches (3rd, Saturday).

Pair up your new knowledge of sandwiches with Soups to make you sing (7th, Wednesday).

If you often crave sweet brunch-y type meals then perhaps No muss, no fuss (sweet) brunch 3.0 is your cup of tea (10th, Saturday).

Get your sexy on with Dessert mayhem: sexy low-fat desserts (14th, Wednesday).

We take a two week break and proceed with rusticity in A taste of the Mediterranean (28th, Wednesday).

Sign up!

General information on cooking classes here.

Cancellation policy on cooking classes here.

Photos on past cooking classes here.

(click on the image to enlarge).


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