Student spotlight: Christine and her little ladies

Well hello there. I’d like you to meet a super awesome lady named Christine Lasala.

Christine is a vegetarian mom on a mission: to feed her kids fresh, nutrient dense, and as-minimally-processed-as-possible plant-based food (with the occasional dessert here and there). She’s been to quite a number of cooking classes to help her along the way.

Fantastic Salads and How to Make Them class circa July 2011

Sometimes she brings to Dessert Mayhem baking classes her eldest, Chloe, also known as the chocolate chip napper…

Dessert mayhem: Let them eat cupcakes (last month)

… and expert whoopie pie maker.

Dessert mayhem: For the love of pies (December 2011)

I love Christine’s passion to get her family healthy through a whole food, plant-based diet. She and the rest of my students are so open-minded to using healthful, slightly unconventional ingredients and they love playing in the kitchen, too! Truly inspiring.

If I have children of my own, I hope to be as dedicated as Christine is to her little ladies.

Case in point: after attending one of my “Juice Up, Smoothie Down” workshops a few months ago, she bought herself a juicer and started getting her kids pumped up on the leafy green stuff.

Rumor has it that these ladies love snacking on cucumber sticks, too. Hmm, Christine needs to share her parenting tips with the rest of us!

I was floored when I saw these photos for the first time. Kids drinking their vegetables? With gusto? Love it! It warms my little herbivorous heart. It makes what I do so fulfilling and is clear proof that children can eat healthfully if their parents expose them to real food.

If there was an Oscar award for parenting, Christine should win one.

To the mamas and papas out there… no more mechanically separated meat for the little ones, please! No more hotdogs for omega 3’s, either.


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One response to “Student spotlight: Christine and her little ladies

  1. joie viado

    christine is one passionate lady. blessed to have known her. i always look forward to seeing her!

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