Be a man, drink your greens

Meet Pancho. He got his first taste of green juice two weeks ago purely by happenstance: he passed by my house just as I was about to do my round of juicing for the day and I saw the opportunity to show him how it’s done. He was game enough to try it and whaddaya know, he ain’t grimacing from the greens.

What’s in the juice? Taiwan pechay, pechay wombok, cucumber, apple, lime.

To the mamas out there, I realize that getting kids to eat their vegetables can be a daunting task. While we can be role models of eating, often times kids would rather reach for the spaghetti than for spinach. Try something different for a change: get them in the kitchen with you. Have them help you out. Pancho here was fascinated with the juicer — it  was fun to push fruit and greens down the chute and watch the pulp and juice come out. And while he was doing it, I explained how the pechay had chlorophyll for our blood (and to fight cancer), cucumber kept us hydrated, and apple and lime were good for the sniffles.

Guess what, he downed 2 glasses!

I would like this boy to be my green juice workshop poster child. Agree?

It ain’t impossible. And this is green juice we’re talking about.

By the way, after the green juice came purple juice: purple cabbage, carrot, beet, and pineapple. He drank that too.

Get inspired and get your families healthy! I’m teaching a Juice up, Smoothie down green juice and smoothie workshop on Sunday the 19th in Makati. Details here. Pay by Wednesday via bank deposit to get the discounted workshop fee (P1000 vs P1250). Bring a friend, get 10% off for the both of you (P900 each by Wednesday, P1125 each on Sunday). Get your kids off the Kool-aid and into drinking real juice. Preferably green.

Oh and don’t forget Bean Cookery this Saturday in Alabang! Creative ways with this fab plant-based protein that does the body good.


  • Lentil mushroom pate with crudités
  • White bean, roasted garlic, and greens soup
  • Chickpea vegetable tagine over brown rice
  • Black bean brownies

It’s gonna be a good weekend, folks!

PS I’ve been tinkering around with a Hurom Slow Juicer and I have to say I’m having fun with it. It’s not as huge as the Breville Juice Fountain (less parts to clean, takes up less counter space) and you can hear yourself think when you operate the thing. I love that I can juice wheatgrass with it (which you can’t do with the Breville) and that it presses every bit of juice out from veggies. Learn more about Hurom in Sunday’s workshop!


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