Awesome saucery part 2, aka taking one organic step for mankind this Saturday via Organic Momma’s Grocery

Catch part 1 of the post on Awesome Sauces here – class coming to you this Saturday! Next Saturday the 18th is Bean Cookery and next Sunday the 19th is Juice Up, Smoothie Down in Makati. Wahoo!

Friends of the revolution, veg-heads, countrymen – lend me your ears!

This Saturday’s Awesome Sauces class will be made even awesomer thanks to Organic Momma’s Grocery (OMG). OMG is a Paranaque-based  one-woman-operation biz run by amazing mom Gail Fojas-Miller. Fruit and vegetables in this class will be organic and coming from the small-scale sustainable Laguna farms OMG partners with.

Since classes are always 100% plant-based, you know there’ll be major fruit and veggie representation. 14 and counting. And if there’s anything vegans love more than their fruit and veggies, it’s organic fruit and veggies.

What’s all this hubbub about organic? Organic = no chemical herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, GMO’s and other nasty stuff. Studies have shown that pesticides have depleted nutrition from our soils and are linked to a host of diseases such as cancer, asthma, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, you name it. Check out these 1o reasons for supporting organic produce here.

A little bit on OMG…

Organic Momma’s Grocery is a one-stop shop for  organic vegetables, natural cleaners, and toiletries – all ready for pick-up and delivery around the southern metro.

For the herbivores out there who need to feed meat to the omnivores in their lives, and for the meat-eaters who claim they can’t give up the meat (I will keep my vegan mouth shut on this note, this time 😉 ), OMG does carry naturally fed and pastured chicken, pork, and eggs, as well as grass-fed beef and lamb (some antibiotic- and hormone-free).

Organic momma Gail Miller is a young mom who made healthy changes in her household after witnessing cancer in the family. She woke up one day and decided that her family would not have cancer; in less than a year, she has removed preserved foods, commercial vegetables, hormone-injected meat and toxic cleaners from her home.

Tired of going to several suppliers and waking early on weekends to purchase organic produce, she decided to put up Organic Momma’s Grocery and help organic mommas like herself. Gail hopes to make organic, toxic-free and sustainable living more convenient to fellow moms as well as support the natural farming industry in the Philippines.

Get the deets on Organic Momma’s Grocery in its Facebook page here.

Send Gail an email, tell her you think she’s awesome and that you’ll order fruit and vegetables from her! []

Lovely photos of OMG’s organic fruit and vegetables here.

Questions on OMG’s products and delivery schedules? Check out this page.

More on Costales Farms, OMG’s organic farm partner, here.


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