In the kitchen: Save your soul with vegan sausages

Another overdue post on class photos!

“Save your soul with vegan sausages” class was held on the 8th of October, 2011. In this class, students learned how to make all-natural vegetarian sausages from scratch. No preservatives, no fakey fakes, no cholesterol – just real ingredients and big on flavor. Low fat, too, I might add.

Class cool cats

No photos of the actual sausage making, unfortunately, but let me tempt you with the finish dishes the sausages went into. Vegan!

Oh, and did I mention? Raya Mananquil stopped by for some vegan sausage education!

Raya actually figures quite importantly in my becoming vegetarian – an article she wrote on vegetarianism for the Philippine Star in September 2007 encouraged me to do more research on food politics, watch undercover factory farm videos, and make the switch. Me teaching her was very surreal, especially since October 8 was my 4 year vegetarian anniversary.

More photos to come – I’m on a roll!

Check out other class photos here.

Check out class schedules here.


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