It’s gonna be a yummy new year

2012 is turning out to be quite an adventure, as was 2011. I’ll be heading to Cebu next week for a cooking and juice workshop (more about it in a later post) AND starting this month, I am proud to say that I’m a regular columnist at Yummy Magazine.

WHAT? Hold your horses.

Yes, this  fabulous mainstream food magazine will have a veg-centric column in its pages!

Philippines, are you ready for a love affair with vegetables? I know I am. These recipes are omnivore-approved (as tested by Yummy’s managing editor!) and perfect for the veg-heads and veg-curious alike. If you know friends and family who are looking to add more meat-free dishes into their diet, please ask them to check out this issue. It’s chock-full of vegetarian recipes, and not just by me!

Check out my column, “Healthy Approach” in every Yummy Magazine issue starting this month (January / February issue).

I’ve also contributed vegan brunch recipes for its “Weekend Entertaining” section, by the way. Check it out! Vegan quiche, wholegrain oat pancakes, and more.

Last November I asked friends via Facebook to help me come up with a column name. Thirty comments later I got a list of pretty hilarious ones. Green Gobblin’, anyone? Would I be taken seriously if my column was called Vegan Mary? Luckily Becky, Yummy’s editor-in-chief, picked a nice and safe name: Healthy Approach.

Check out the other name suggestions that just didn’t make the cut after the jump.  Happy Friday, folks!



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3 responses to “It’s gonna be a yummy new year

  1. I still think Meat-Shun Impossible was a close second. One can only wish.

  2. Haha sorry I missed the chance to contribute to the title :p would’ve gone with The Fennel’s Mightier than the Gourd, Leafing on a Jet Plane or something to that degree :p

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