Plants rule, anything else drools

Today’s “Fresh, fast, and healthy” class was particularly colorful. High 5, team plants!

Whoever harped about the boringness of an herbivorous diet was sadly mistaken. All of these guys went into four dishes good for 6 servings. Delicious, nutritious, and all around awesome.

From left to right, bottom to top:

Lentils with bay leaf, cashews
Cauliflower, garlic
Jicama / singkamas, carrots, onions
Orange, mango, lemon, strawberries, tomatoes
Herbs, broccoli stalks
Broccoli florets, sprouts
Eggplant, beet

(and not pictured: lettuce, melon, brown rice and other incidentals)

On a semi-related note, here is a short video about a veggie-lovin’ Cookie Monster — pretty engaging for ages 1 to 103 and perhaps a way to get the young ones interested in vegetables.

My friend Laura Cantekin shared this video with me a couple of months back when I was panicking over teaching kids about healthy eating. Lovely Laura was my dorm room neighbor in New York and has done work with Sesame Workshop. She was an International Educational Development grad student at Columbia U, I was a culinary student at NGI. We shared a love of apples with almond butter, clay face masks, and singing and dancing watermelons.

And while Cookie Monster and I disagree on  eating animals, we both wholeheartedly agree that cookies are the bee’s knees, “when you eat [a] varied menu, you get more out of every meal”, and “nutrition — it really hip!”.


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