Vegan pizza class this Saturday, whut whut?!

What do Homer Simpson, Michelangelo, vegetarians, and this old fart from a galaxy far, far away have in common?

We all love pizza! Yes, herbivores don’t just drink green juice all day, silly. We like to let our hair down and occasionally nosh on one of Italy’s food legacies. For those who forsake dairy, ordering a cheeseless pizza may seem more of a chore than a treat.

But let me tell you, a cheese-free pizza can be quite enjoyable. For reals. Don’t believe me? I threw a birthday pizza party for myself last month and all of my guests were carnivores. None of them ran away screaming for bloody pepperoni or mozzarella, and I don’t think any of them stopped for McDo afterwards. Food writer and photographer extraordinaire Ryan Fernandez blogged about his vegan pizza experience (the same guy who got me to hold a green juice and smoothie workshop at St. Luke’s QC — see, I’m not the only crazy green juice enthusiast around…). Check out his vegan pizza reportage in his blog, Forkplay Diaries.

Learn this fancy pants pizza on Saturday. Photo by Ryan Fernandez

I am holding a pretty nifty vegan pizza class this Saturday the 19th. How nifty? Making of vegan cheese will be tackled. So will vegan pepperoni. And a finger-lickin’-good cheesy white sauce. And, oh my stars, you haven’t lived if you haven’t tried a potato pizza! Why pay someone to make you a tolerable vegetarian pizza when you can make one (or 3) yourself that you will actually want to devour?

Come to this class and I promise, you won’t find better vegetarian pizzas around. To the herbivores out there, you don’t want to miss this. And if you’re a meat eater? It’ll be an enlightening experience for you, too.

Check out the deets on the class in the poster at the end of this post.

And I promise, the pizza class will be classier than this dude.


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