The things we do for our moms: Green juice and smoothie love, Alabang edition take 2

What have you done for your mom lately? My mom is my #1 fan (and ditto on my end, too) and she’s been patiently tolerating my addiction to sampaloc chopping boards and ginormous jars for my various fermentation projects. I once gave her a heart attack when I got my 7th ear piercing back in college (for the record, I’m back to 2. What was I thinking?!) and a second heart attack when we went from a zero-cat to 3-cat household.

In 2008 she was instrumental in getting my butt out of the kitchen – frosting cupcakes at 2am while waking up at 6am for my corporate day job – and into culinary school. She continues to inspire me to be a hard worker and my version of a strong, independent woman. She has bore 8 children and raised us to be pretty decent human beings. She wakes up at 5:30am everyday, can drive a bus-size van, never buys anything for herself (except for her signature lipstick and the occasional pedicure), and looks pretty amazing at her age. Where my family is composed of 70% men, I’m proud to say our household is quite matriarchal. Yes, my mother is the boss of us.

My mother, the beauty.

While we may not necessarily see eye-to-eye on certain issues – skirt lengths, vegetarianism, the edibility of durian – we both agree wholeheartedly that eyeliner is a girl’s best friend, education can’t be beat, and we need to eat (and drink!) our vegetables. Thanks to my vegetable geekery and jedi skills, my mother is more flexitarian, less omnivore, AND drinks green smoothies everyday. In fact, I have to admit my smoothies are pretty lame compared to hers – she goes whole hog with the malunggay, it’s no wonder she’s got the immune system of steel.

Got green smoothie? The Gonzalez women sure do. Photo by Chris Yuhico

My mom, an active member of FAMCOHSEF, and I, headmistress of Kitchen Revolution, are holding a green juice and smoothie workshop on the 16th, Wednesday in Alabang. If you didn’t get to catch the green juice and smoothie workshop I held in St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City last month, come to this one! Check out the poster at the end of this blog post.

The workshop is sponsored by FAMCOHSEF, Inc. (Family Cooperation for Health Services Foundation) and proceeds from the fee (P1,000 per person) will go to funding this non-profit organization’s health training programs in Muntinlupa City. Find out more about the organization in the poster.

Sign up and learn how to love to drink your veggies! Send me an email or text – but do RSVP through Ladybird, contact details below.



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