Guest cheffing at a Palawan yoga retreat, aka the other thing I’m super excited about

Can I distract you first with this series of photos?

Photos by Christina Itchon

Moving forward…

If you asked me 6 months ago whether I practiced yoga like that one other vegetarian you know, I would’ve scoffed and said, “I don’t do yoga. I box.” If you asked me 1 1/2 years ago whether I believed in the benefits of raw food, I would’ve scoffed and said, “I’m in cooking school. Raw food is for rabbits.”

Well, joke’s on me because not only am I huge fan of salads, smoothies, and juices of the raw green persuasion (not to mention I had a little stint at Pure Food and Wine, a raw vegan eatery in New York City over summer last year), I am slowly getting addicted to yoga.

Yes, these are my hands preparing raw vegan hors d'ouevres at an event partly catered by Pure Food & Wine last year. Classy, huh.

How addicted? I just recently perused the latest issue of Yoga Journal (a US magazine), bought a travel yoga mat during my vacation break in the attempt to practice daily sun salutations (for the record I only did a total of two, boo), and sold my soul to purchase invested in a pair of Lululemon pants.

YES! I AM like any other vegetarian you know and proud! How’s that for scarfing down some humble pie? Bottom line: don’t hate on raw food and yoga until you’ve tried it.

Image from

The point of this post: I’m SO excited to share with you that I will be a guest chef at Bahay Kalipay (website here, Facebook page here), this amazing holistic retreat center in Puerto Princesa, Palawan on the weekend of the 24th. What’s happening? Come back to one: Yin Yoga Retreat. Check out the images at the end of this post for more details, or click here, here, and here.

This yoga retreat will be conducted by Dona Tumacder-Esteban, a super lovely and rockin’ yoga teacher. I’ve attended a couple of her classes at Flow Yoga Center Alabang and I love how she gets us students to do playful creative poses. I’m kind of jealous of her amazing curls too but that’s a whole other story… PS Dona, doing yoga poses dressed to the nines, is featured in BC Magazine‘s July-August issue.

By the way, if you’re from southern Metro Manila and interested in yoga, I highly recommend Flow Yoga Center Alabang in Casa Susanah. It’s a cute studio operated by Bow Pellicer-Valdez and she is quite lovely herself. See Bow in BC Magazine’s July-August issue too, doing yoga poses in killer heels!

Come to the Yin Yoga retreat in Palawan and do this:

This isn't me but I will be doing this on the September 24th weekend. Photo of Monica Eleazar-Manzano (Palawan and Makati based yoga instructor) in Bahay Kalipay, by Katrina Villareal and sourced from the Women's Central blog.

Eat fantastic  raw vegan food prepared by me and the Bahay Kalipay kitchen crew using locally sourced, organic ingredients that will feed your body, soul, and yoga practice.

More details on the Yin Yang Yoga, retreat activities, raw food, etc below. Contact Bahay Kalipay and sign up!

Send BK an email:

Give BK a call (look for Chard): +63906.343.2988

Check out the BK site here.

Check out the BK Facebook page here.



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  3. I never thought of doing the stretches on rocks. I mostly meditate on calm weather.

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