Last Saturday: Life is better without dairy and cheese

This Saturday the 23rd, we tackle refreshing salads that will change the way you look at and eat them. “Get the glow: Fantastic salads and how to make them” will cover different types of flavorful, main entree salads that are as good for you as they are tasty. Read more on the menu here. We’re serious about salad and pride in our creativity – no leaves-and-tomatoes horror concoctions, we promise you that. We’ll make salads that want to be eaten. Sign up!

This class was a fun exploration into the world of vegan milk, cream, and cheese. The group of ladies that attended were super, too!

Lovely ladies

Check out our fantastic creations. Some of the best things I heard from class:

“This sauce. Tastes better than the real thing.”

“This trifle cream does NOT taste vegan.”

“The crumble.  Can’t stop eating it!!!”

Cream of calabasa soup

Cream of calabasa soup, I hope to never doubt your vegan version ever again. You were a cinch to make and came out flavorful and oh-so-creamy.

Cream of calabasa soup

(Playing around with presentation skills. Added a swirl of red pepper coulis from the napoleons, and a sprig of cilantro.)

Fresh zucchini napoleon with soy ricotta and red pepper coulisFresh zucchini napoleon with soy ricotta and red pepper coulis

Oh, zucchini napoleons. You are so classy and delicious. Someone needs to make you a big star in a restaurant some day. We love your green speckled skin and sweet flesh. The soy ricotta just added a little more va-va-voom to your person. And that red pepper coulis…

Fresh zucchini napoleon with soy ricotta and red pepper coulis

She spiffed you up well.

Homemade seitan cutlets

While in your naked, post-steamed form, you’re not so good looking. But gee, homemade seitan cutlets, how you can be all crunchy and yummy in your bread crumbed glory.

Fussilli alfredo with broccoliBroccoli with red pepper flakes

My dear fussilli alfredo with spicy broccoli – you’ve managed to wow the omnivores and make them see how you can be absolutely addicting without the dairy. Your vegan sauce could end wars.

And all three of you together make such a good looking photo.

Mango trifleWhat can I say, mango trifle, you pretty much stole the show. Your voluptuous trifle cream, crunchy oat crumble, and boozy mangoes made you Ms. Congeniality in the pageant last Saturday. You trump Bieber in making vegan food beliebers out of the class. Bravo.

Life without dairy and cheese spread

All of you – together – make for great eats.

Check out the teaser photos of this class which I posted last week, here and here.

Sign up for Fantastic Salads class!


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