A tease, if you please

Some of the dishes to be cooked up in this Saturday’s “Life is better without dairy and cheese” class. Be excited, be very excited:

Fresh zucchini napoleon with soy ricotta and red pepper coulis. This amazed my 3 omnivorous taste testers.

Fussilli alfredo with broccoli and homemade seitan cutlets. My carnivore sister really liked the alfredo sauce. Not to be vain, but the cutlet is quite amazing. Just sayin’.

Check out part 2 of the tease here!

On a completely unrelated matter:

To the vegans – when was the last time you had a cinnamon roll?

My answer is 1 1/2 years ago.

January 2010, Philadelphia – I had a really awesome vegan cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting which made up for the really bad vegan Philly cheese steak sandwich I had on that same day (on a side note – I even got to see the Philadelphia-based basketball court in the opening credits of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! This trumped seeing the Liberty Bell on so many levels.). If I recall, that Philly cinnamon roll was as big as a baby’s head. Last Sunday I sucked it up and made a batch from scratch for lunch.

Can I just say, freshly baked cinnamon rolls = love? I particularly like this photo because of the glaze-drizzling action going on. Thank you to Gabriel, kuya photographer extraordinaire. The glaze is mocha-hued because I used raw powdered sugar instead of regular powdered sugar (white sugar is the devil’s poison. True story.). A hit with my family of omnivores and it satisfied me pretty darn well.

Baking with yeast is actually quite fun. I mean, I am absolutely riveted just watching yeast ‘bloom’ in a warm water / pinch of sugar mixture prior to mixing in the dry ingredients. Dough kneading is therapeutic. I get giddy over making pizza dough from scratch – and with whole-wheat at that! Freshly baked rustic whole wheat bread, oh my Lord! Give me a rainy day and a well-stocked kitchen and I’ll be a happy cook.

Hmmm, a baking class involving yeast could be a possibility in the future…

Go visit Philadelphia, at least to see this



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