Last Saturday: A taste of Latin America

Do you belong to the camp that thinks vegan brunch = porridge and soymilk? While we are big fans of oats, there is more to vegan brunch than them. Check out “No muss, no fuss brunch” class this Saturday in Pino Kitchen Studio, Teachers Village, Quezon City. Discover the delicious world of tofu scramble (and its hundred permutations), veggie breakfast sausages from scratch, addictive sweet potato home fries, pan seared tomatoes full of herb-y goodness, and granola that will knock your boxed cereal’s socks off. Sign up, give PKS a call! 0918.911.6042 or 352.3755

The kitchen last Saturday got muy caliente when class and I cooked up a vegan Latina feast. Yes folks, it was a feast with a capital F, because as usual, there was too much good food.

Before I tease you with food photos, let me show you the goings on in Kitchen Revolution HQ during class:

explaining mole spices

Explaining the spices used in Oaxacan-style mole.

toasting the spice mixture

Preparing the spice mixture – toasting up some seeds, nuts, and chips. Tip: a cast-iron skillet makes food look and taste better. This was an experiment we did in class, as compared to a regular non-stick skillet. Go buy yourself a cast-iron skillet and take good care of it!

dark chocolate

Dark chocolate figured in two of the recipes covered in class: the mole and the chocolate for the churros.

churro a-making

Churros-a-making. Whole wheat, thank you very much. Hand-rolled for that rustic feel. You don’t need a piping bag and pastry tips to make churros.

chocolate for churros

Heating up the hot chocolate for the churros. Yes, made with soy milk. Yes, it was a hit.

And now, the spread:

oyster mushroom ceviche

Oyster mushroom ceviche – easy and flavorful.

burrito fillings

Burrito fillings – black beans with sofrito, killer guacamole, and pico de gallo. Brown rice in the back. Benta!
chocolate chile mole smothered tofu
Chocolate-chile smothered tofu. Sounds like a strange combination but it worked!
lime roasted vegetables
Lime-roasted vegetables: squash, zucchini, orange sweet potatoes, and saba banana. Good stuff.
whole wheat churros
Our whole wheat churros! Not pictured: hot dark chocolate.

The works:
the works
And, the team:
the group
Loads of fun were had in class.

Come join the next one! “No muss, no fuss brunch” in Pino Kitchen Studio, Teachers Village, Quezon City.


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  1. May I say, “WOW!”? Now I feel doubly sorry for not dropping by. Huhu.

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