Been quite mum for a week… (some important announcements, yo)

…because menu planning for future classes is full steam ahead! No class this Saturday (Palawan beckons) but next Saturday the 25th is Kid-friendly Food day.

Tentative menu for this cooking class:

  1. Chickpea croquettes with supernatural tomato sauce
  2. Fussilli with stealth tomato sauce and tofu meatballs
  3. Softly spiced sweet potato fries
  4. Broccoli with white bean dip
  5. Banana peanut butter milk shake

We’ve got tricks up our sleeve on amping up the nutrition in these dishes to help the kiddies grow up nicely without nasty white sugar and artificial crap getting in the way.

Oh, you don’t have to have kids to appreciate this class. Being a kid at heart is good enough.

As for A Taste of Latin America on the 2nd of July, we have this planned, tentatively:

  1. Mushroom ceviche
  2. Baby black bean burritos with pico de gallo and guacamole
  3. Chocolate-chile mole smothered tofu
  4. Lime roasted vegetables
  5. Churros con chocolate

Latin American food holds a special place in my heart and there were too many dishes to choose from. Too many flavors, so little time.

Do sign up!

Please note that starting in July, classes are P1,300 if you pay in advance and P1,600 if you pay on the day itself. 🙂


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