Last Saturday: A taste of Italy

This Saturday, we’re stepping away from the burners and oven and dabbling in the art of juicing and smoothie-ing. In “Get the glow: Juice up, smoothie down”, you’ll learn how to appreciate fruit and vegetables in their liquid form. These elixirs will help boost your energy, immunity, and nutrition, detoxify the body, and even stave off the onset of flus and colds. Discover the super powers of fruit and vegetables and use them to your advantage. Join up!

There was too much peachiness going on in Italian cooking class last Saturday. And by peachiness, I do mean amazing, flavorful food that left everyone in class with happy bellies.

I’d like to share the food love with you (just through photos, sorry no free tastes!). Hopefully this will convince you to attend the upcoming classes!

Vegan Caesar...

... with the works: almond parmesan and jumbo garlic croutons

The class kind of went gaga over the dressing. And the “parmesan”. Oh yeah – once you go homemade croutons, you’ll never go for store-bought / boxed croutons again! These guys were so tasty and addicting (the croutons, not the class).

Potato gnocchi with lemon thyme sauce

This was a bit challenging to make and maybe the gnocchi weren’t all uniformly shaped. There was a lot of fun mashing the potatoes and forming them into little dumplings. It’s all part of the gnocchi experience! Gnocchi from some fancy restaurant in the metro: P450 to P1,300. Gnocchi education: priceless. The class now knows how to make gnocchi and the lemon thyme sauce like an Italian grandmother.

Ragout of sausages, cannellini beans, and cherry tomatoes

This photo doesn’t do the dish justice, unfortunately (sorry, working with a P&S here and we were desperate to eat). This was full of rustic, savory deliciousness. The mostly-omnivorous class became believers of vegetarian sausages after we made them.

We fried up the left overs for more snacking.

Green beans with sun dried tomato and black olive sauce

To be honest, I’m not a fan of steamed / blanched beans. Roasting is way more fun and exciting . But if you’ve got a sauce that will punch your taste buds with flavor such as the sun dried tomato and black olive sauce made in class, those steamed / blanched green beans will make you want to eat them. A lesson learned from this class.

Baked stuffed pears

This dish was a keeper. So simple and elegant. We stuffed these little cuties with an almond-chocolate filling.

So much intense concentration on food hording happening behind the lazy susan.

This is how an Italian feast looks like. Just so happens to be completely healthy and vegan!

The happy cooks. Fun class, guys!


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