Last Saturday: Barbecue / potluck power

Cook up a feast again this Saturday in “A Taste of Italy” class. We’ll be churning out Caesar salad, potato gnocchi-a-making, stewing beans, dressing up string beans, and baking pears. Yep, it’s going to be amazing. Join!

There was just too much good food during “Barbecue / potluck power” class last Saturday. SERIOUSLY. And everyone had a ball grilling and cooking up a spread of yumminess. How yummy? Um, everything was pretty much devoured.

Some photos of the class:

Black bean, avocado, and corn salad with tacos and tortillas. Smash hit.

Luscious mango cobbler. Whole-wheat, at that.

Home brewed lemon iced tea. Muscovado sugar-powered. All natural AND it wasn't cooked up in a lab, either.

No Saturday lunch table has had a better spread than this one.

A little bit of everything.

Special thanks to Mike Yambao who took some of these photos + knew a fancy way of putting out grill flames when they got too high šŸ˜‰



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3 responses to “Last Saturday: Barbecue / potluck power

  1. Marilou Acuna

    awwwwhhhh too bad i missed this class.

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