Last Saturday: Vegan dessert mayhem

“Barbecue / Potluck Power” cooking class is happening this Saturday the 28th! Learn how to grill the yumminess out of tofu, seitan, and vegetables. Create a salad that wants to be eaten and refreshingly good lemon iced tea that won’t bombard you with white sugar and food coloring. Did I mention the dessert? Mango cobbler.

RSVP! If you can’t make it, check out the other classes lined up in the right sidebar of this website.

For those who didn’t get to come to this fun, (alternative) sugar-laden baking class, I’m sorry you missed out on:

Lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting. Really fresh tasting with the lemon juice and zest.  The frosting was made with DIY powdered raw sugar, hence their off-white hue.

Chocolate brownies. Melted chocolate inside, melted chocolate on top. Yumminess all over.

Heavenly mango shortcakes with vanilla cashew cream. It was quite warm in the kitchen so the cream was runnier than usual. Really good to serve the cream cold and luscious. Shortcakes were half whole-wheat but wholly delicious.

Banana cake with chocolate cream. Part whole-wheat too, but all good all the time.

Unfortunately, the dark chocolate peanut butter cups weren’t photographed so their glorious appearance on this website will have to wait.

There aren’t baking classes lined up for June but there may be one either in July or August. If you’re interested, leave a comment so we know baking is in demand! Next baking class might be chocolate-centric. Mmmmm!



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3 responses to “Last Saturday: Vegan dessert mayhem

  1. Ging Lim

    Hi. I am interested in the class on saturday. May I know what are the recipes aside from tofu? I am also interested in the baking class, the recipes featured here.

    How do i sign up, where to pay, and where is the venue?


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