Last Saturday: No muss, no fuss brunch

Desserts made without dairy and egg products aren’t only doable, they’re fantastic. Check out this Saturday’s baking class from 10am to 2:30pm: Vegan Dessert Mayhem. Learn techniques to replace butter, cream, milk, and eggs in baking recipes. All plant-based, all good, all the time. No bland desserts in the KR kitchen! Do RSVP!

Brunch class last Saturday was quite a party and again, quite a hit. The mostly omnivorous class created an amazing spread of 9 different tofu scrambles, DIY vegetarian sausages, sweet potato home fries, pan-seared tomatoes, and granola that could beat any boxed cereal.

You can't find a better brunch spread than this

Why 9 tofu scrambles, you ask? There were 8 attendees in the class (9 including me). We created a buffet of different scramble ingredients – vegetables, herbs, spices, greens, and the usual garlic, onion, and tomato holy trinity – and we set up a scramble-making station. Each person made a different scramble, using different combinations of veg, herb, spice, and green. I’d like to think they all had a blast.

Such jolly cooks, this lot

Some reviews by the class:

“It was a nice and informal class – very informative.”

“Delicious food! The Philippines needs more vegan exposure like this.”

“I was very impressed on how easy it was to make your own sausage!”

“Loved how we learned so much about healthy substitutes and health issues – everything was so delicious!!!”

“Thank you so much for this affordable and yet very healthy and flavorful cooking class!”

On a sidenote, everyone agreed that homemade vegetarian sausages rocked. Hard. And they were better than any you can buy commercially. Aaaaah, the power of domesticity.

Needless to say, there was no talking at the brunch table for a full 15 minutes while we inhaled the food.

Y’all need to join in on the fun and cook up a storm in future classes. Check out future classes here, or in the right sidebar of the website. Next Saturday: vegan dessert! Should be a good one.

Tired from cooking, cranky from the summer heat, but happy nonetheless.


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