Celebrating food (and Mother Nature) at the Antipolo Earth Fest 2011

This Saturday, we’re holding a cooking class on “Fast, fresh, and healthy” cooking. Sign up and learn that nutritious, plant-based cooking needn’t take all day nor lack in the taste department! We’ll be cooking a menu full of whole grains, vegetarian protein, yummy veggies, and more.

I’m so excited to announce that Kitchen Revolution will be participating in this weekend’s Antipolo Earth Fest at the Pinto Art Museum!

Lots of fun stuff in store in this quaint museum about 50km (ish) northeast of Alabang. Normally, I don’t like venturing too far away from home – but when Irene Tan-Gurango (one of the masterminds behind the festival) sent Kitchen Revolution an email and asked for help, I couldn’t refuse. I headed out to the Pinto Art Museum last Tuesday and was completely smitten by the place – so much so that I immediately said yes to a food demo AND a vendor table, even though KR is a tad undermanned for such a trek. You would be smitten too, if you saw the place.

Luckily, I took photos! Sidenote: oh, the wonders of a Blackberry. I just recently purchased one a few days ago because I got frustrated with my old phone. Sad but true, I’m in love with it.

Anyway – the festival is open Saturday through Sunday but Kitchen Revolution will be there on Sunday only. We’re busy with our Fast, Fresh, and Healthy cooking class this Saturday – if you won’t be at the Earthfest, come cook a vegetarian feast in Alabang!

Vegan food demo at 10am (ish), vegan food for sale right after. We’re selling simple vegan fare since we won’t have access to a kitchen and space is quite limited. We’ll probably have only two things on the menu, but we’ll make ‘em worth your while. We’ll be operating the only vegetarian food table at the Earth Fest, so do come and support!

In line with the Antipolo Earth Fest’s mission to be sustainable, we will be serving our food in biodegradable containers with biodegradable cutlery. We might have a sandwich on our menu, and we are toying with the idea of serving this in a banana leaf. Such planeteers of us!

On with the photos!

This isn’t the main entrance, but it should be. Gorgeous landscaping and I love the fact that this museum is privately owned by a lover of local art. Seriously. I am in awe.

Earth Cafe is the museum’s own little cafe that serves organic and sustainably-sourced food. Not vegan, but vegan friendly. During my meeting with Irene, I was served a lovely green smoothie (pechay and mango-based) and guava tamarind sorbet.

I love the clean minimalist-meets-homey lines of the museum. Irene told me that a yoga session may be conducted in this hall. Ridiculous, right?! Imagine meditating and yoga-ing surrounded by great local artwork? Insane in a good way.

These are the stairs from the main entrance (the property is quite hilly). This will be a market-space cum seating area for attendees to watch activities being conducted in…

The activity center! I will be conducting a simple vegan food demo here on Sunday at around 10am. There will be a concert happening in the afternoon, featuring the likes of Joey Ayala and Cynthia Alexander. Check out the schedule of talks and workshops for the Earth Fest here. To whet your appetite: Biodiversity Earthtalk by WWF Philippines, Sound Healing psychoacoustic experience, sunset meditation and heartsong chanting, Filipino tribal dance…

This will be the workshops and green market area: face painting, massages, energy healing, arts and crafts, etc. More info here. Come for the demo, food, workshops, and green market. Feel free to roll down the hills of the museum while you’re at it.

Come hang out in the shade!

This will be the area for yoga, or zumba, or some other fantastic activity. Great view of the metro from here.

Seriously — get out of the comfort of the Metro Manila concrete jungle and into this fun event. Great if you could come for the demo and for KR’s food table, but ultimately come to celebrate nature, the environment, inner peace, and love. And food, don’t forget in celebration of food, too!

It’s in a beautiful museum with character and a killer view. If you can’t come out this weekend, do check out the Pinto Art Museum when you have the time.

Some important info

Antipolo Earth Fest 2011 website

Pinto Art Museum website

Where it will be held

1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo City

Check out the map to the area here.

More detailed directions to the area here.



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