A day of peas + last day at Mercato

Kind of an overdue post, but Saturday the 12th was our last day at Mercato Centrale. In celebration (or in mourning) we served our 2 favorite dishes:

Asian noodle salad with mind-blowing peanut sauce, vegetables, and tofu;

Black bean burrito with almond lime sour cream and housemade hot pepper sauce.

Saturday the 5th was a day of peas. Our sweat pea salad with seashell pasta, watercress, and kaffir lime was aMAzing. We could not have been happier with how it came out. We originally wanted to use edamame instead of the peas but we couldn’t find any commercially.

Now we were supposed to serve our awesome drunken chili as the other special on the 5th but there we made a booboo whilst cooking it up the night before. And since it usually takes 3-4 hours to make this bad boy and didn’t have any more time to make a new batch, we decided to nix it and make our favorite comfort food…

We call it “ginataang gulay remix”. Gising-gising meets chickpeas and tons of ginger. Brown rice smothered with this concoction = heaven!

So, that’s it for our Mercato adventures. No definite plans yet of returning to a weekend food market any time soon, but we’ll update this blog with news on our goings-on. We’re currently focusing on catering and cooking classes 🙂

Thank you to everyone whom we’ve had the privilege of feeding!


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