In the market: drunken chili with chorizo

Our drunken chili with housemade chorizo was one of our specials for today’s market. Kidney beans were lovingly stewed in caramelized sofrito (holy trinity of garlic, onions, and peppers), fresh tomatoes, spices, and beer. The seitan chorizo added more depth to the whole pot. It took a total of 3 hours to get this baby done and it totally paid off!

We were inspired to serve this because we felt like you really can’t get a decent chili — vegetarian or otherwise — anywhere in the metro. Most commercially available chilis taste like spicy tomato sauce — pretty monotonous in flavor, in our opinion. We created this chili with beer because booze makes everything taste better 😉

If you’ve found a Manila-based chili that knocked your socks off, do let us know. It’s sometimes a pain to have to cook for 3 hours to get a decent chili.

This bad boy was served with lime cashew sour cream and brown rice.

Catch our boozy chili next Saturday (5th of February) for its last appearance!

PS As much as we loved our chickpea-quinoa salad (today’s other special), we’re letting it go to make space for a new dish to appear in next week’s market. Stay tuned.


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